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Example sentences for firelight

Starlight or moonlight or firelight or a wedge of kitchen light beneath the bedroom door.
His red-lacquered face, shadowed by his raven hair, glistened in the firelight.
He would gaze on her for hours by firelight but insist that she not speak, as if he both adored and regretted her existence.
Then splurge on prime rib and let yourself be serenaded by the cowboy poet who sings by firelight.
The warmth you feel from the fire is mostly radiant heat--essentially, infrared heat from the firelight.
The red firelight flickered over their wild figures as they squatted away from the blaze, where the light and the shadow met.
Her sculptural pallor gives way to warm radiance in the firelight.
During the event, the soldier's quarters will be illuminated by candle light and firelight.
The entire village had turned into a sea of flame, firelight filled the village, even the clouds in the sky were blood red.
In the glow of the firelight they leaned toward each other, their elbows on the table.
She appears by firelight, on horseback and in various bucolic settings, romping with the handsome blond nobleman she loves.
She was leaning back in the chair and the firelight shone on her pleasantly lined face and he could see that she was sleepy.

Famous quotes containing the word firelight

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