firefight in a sentence

Example sentences for firefight

It's not easy to take a urine test in the middle of a firefight.
Following a late-afternoon firefight, they can easily be home for dinner.
After the firefight, the camera quietly centers on a marine watching a heavy body bag carried by.
One police officer and four suspected drug traffickers were killed in a firefight.
And they even use live ammunition in the many firefight scenes, giving the soundtrack a jarringly authentic tone.
Both sides deployed as more units arrived on the field, and a sharp firefight developed.
The firefight was over nearly as quickly as it had begun.
His accuracy was the deciding factor in the outcome of the firefight.
Soon after, a few insurgents began to climb a set of stairs on the backside of the building where the firefight was taking place.
The fire is currently uncontained and high winds hindered the firefight overnight.
With this information, they fired several high explosive rounds at the enemy position, and the firefight died down quickly.
The pickets were surprised from behind, and a sharp firefight ensued.
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