firebrick in a sentence

Example sentences for firebrick

Only two colours have been used, firebrick and rich pure gold.
Bricklayers also install firebrick linings in industrial furnaces.
All of the furnace stacks still contain vestiges of their firebrick linings.
Portions of the original firebrick inwall still remain.
The walls and floor of the tunnel are lined with firebrick.
Replace firebrick and other insulating materials when you see crumbling or other signs of deterioration.
Fire clay producers were mostly refractories manufacturers that used the clays in firebrick and other refractories.
Firebrick, including fireplaces and chimney planning and layout including safety measures and building codes.
These workers specialize in installing firebrick or refractory tile.
If the chimney is firebrick then the squirrel can climb out on its own.
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