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Example sentences for fireball

Eyewitness reports describe fireball meteors as being brighter than any visible star or planet and even the full moon.
As the chemicals mixed, they ignited to create a giant fireball thousands of feet in the air.
What began as a modest, seemingly containable fire erupted into a deadly fireball with a ferocity that baffled investigators.
His influence extends even to people who have never conjured a fireball in anger.
The right wing was torn completely away and tumbled end-over-end in a brilliant exploding fireball.
Then came the airline flight that exploded in a giant fireball against the south tower.
On the minus side, the extra fuel sometimes exploded on impact, turning the car into a fireball.
It is a lot tougher on the planetary system inside the decay fireball.
One night the water heater kicked on, igniting a fireball that knocked down the walls.
Tens of thousands of years flash by in a few seconds as the churning gas clouds begin to coalesce into a nascent fireball.
Fallout pretty much results from the weapon's fireball reaching the ground.
The ram pressure creates heat that flows around the stone causing ablation and the resulting fireball.
Six flames encircle the roof, each capable of throwing frighteningly loud, hot fireball bursts.
Being in the middle of a fireball would provide a heat dissipation problem.
The large fireball indicates that might be the case.
It consisted of detonating a nuclear bomb on the surface while in shadow so the fireball could be seen.
In the beginning, the matter that emerged from the primeval fireball was remarkably smooth and uniform.
No mist means no fireball, and a large scale fuel fire is averted.
When a nuclear device is exploded, a large fireball is created.
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