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Example sentences for firearm

Sale or delivery at retail of firearm other than pistol or revolver.
Believe me, the first thing people do when faced with the angry end of a firearm is dive for any nearby shelter.
Ammunition or firearm parts are also banned from carry-on baggage, and all such items must be declared to the airline.
It is not only a matter of restricting use to situations where use of a firearm would otherwise be fully justified.
Gun-cotton is used as an accelerant in almost every firearm, including cannons.
He received a ten-year sentence for killing a rare animal, plus another two years for possessing an illegal firearm.
One cabinet contained projectiles and cartridges of every known firearm.
But the firearm epidemic is extremely respectful of lines drawn on a map.
He surrendered and consented to await the arrival of the local police to collect him and his illegal firearm to the jail.
Under federal law a machine-gun receiver is treated as if it were a complete firearm.
Thus, it's a good idea to carry a firearm if you're venturing outside of town.
The cops found a gun and the suspect ultimately was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm.
Once it is packed, you can place the box in the same container as your firearm.
The implications of that are examined in some detail, as is the future of the firearm.
We don't know the exact details of the test so maybe it was a solid test in which a trained agent worked to disguise a firearm.
They still can't request a commutation of their sentences, or own a firearm.
These deaths by firearm have all occurred in the past few weeks.
She could have used a kitchen knife, but the result was the same as if she had used a firearm.
With crime a daily worry, many believe that a firearm is their best defence.
Sanchez also was charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm.
But from the earliest days, in addition to the parasol and firearm, the beachcombers have also carried some heavy moral baggage.
But there's a curious third rail that is seldom publicly discussed: the risks of suicide by firearm.
My firearm is in the possession of a court or law enforcement agency.
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