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The quake destroyed the city's water mains, paralyzing the fire department.
Today's average fire department answers twice as many calls for medical emergencies as for fires.
Inside are an antique fire engine and an interesting exhibit about the desegregation of the fire department.
It was the main source of water for the city's understaffed fire department.
The arsonist is now the chief of the fire department.
For eight hours the top floor of the two-story building burned while the fire department trained hoses on the flames.
The fire-eater of many years service in the fire department now spends his days reading the newspapers.
Now, here's something that honks me off: neighbors who call the fire department when you're in the middle of a controlled burn.
At the end of the riot, the fire department figures showed only ten major fires.
Year after year, poorly trained police or fire department officials contributed to faulty convictions.
Keep it and you risk leaving intact a lack of diversity at the fire department's senior levels.

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