fire blight in a sentence

Example sentences for fire blight

Likewise, diseases such as fire blight can move from the root sucker to the trunk of the tree and cause significant damage.
Fire blight is a serious disease of apple and pear trees.
Streptomycin is effective if used the day before, or the day of, a fire blight infection period.
Fire blight, a serious disease of apple and pear trees, limits fruit production in many areas of the world.
Don't over fertilize since this could increase sensitivity to the fire blight disease.
The fruit is endowed not only with excellent eating quality, but also with resistance to fire blight, a devastating pear disease.
Some species of cotoneaster may be more resistant to fire blight than others.
Computational identification of candidate genes involved in apple fire blight resistance.
They are also difficult to grow, as they are highly susceptible to diseases such as fire blight.
Additional important traits include precocity, a healthy and productive tree, and resistance to powdery mildew and fire blight.
Integrated control of fire blight with bacterial antagonists and oxytetracycline.
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