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They paid either by the hour or by the paper and drew on a finite pool of money available to the department.
And so the process of learning, along with students' perception of knowledge, can't be finite either.
The real problem with putting cash into supposedly climate- neutral industries is that money is finite.
So the trick will be allocating powerful but finite resources in an efficient and managed way.
In contrast, interactive computer games create a space seemingly without horizons, finite yet unbounded.
You've got to respect budgets because people are investing and building and have certain finite resources.
There is no finite amount that students would be responsible for paying back.
The global economy cannot grow indefinitely on a finite planet.
Our brains are as finite in capacity as our waistlines.
The reality is that there's a finite amount of virtually risk-free debt.
Petroleum is arguably a more finite source which needs to be conserved.
However, wood has a finite life whether in buildings or in the scrap heap after the building has been torn down.
People are finite, but unbounded resources that require consensus to increase in magnitude.
Each language has a finite number of phonemes and a finite though quite large number of morphemes.
But goals are different, not a heavy chain but a bright challenge, better suited to summer because both are finite.
Sometimes the value of z remains finite, no matter how large n gets.
Whereas the natural tendency was for populations to grow without end, food supply would run up against the limit of finite land.
Logically, one day they must: the planet is a finite place.
Square wave voltage waveforms begin to look more sinusoidal due to finite bandwidth.
His elaborate model cleverly accounts for physical phenomena such as causality, relativity, and the finite speed of light.
For good reason, evolution has engineered a finite limit into life's span.
In a world of finite resources, being top dog does in fact matter.
However economics, outside of a computer, must function on a physical planet of finite volume and finite surface area.
The finite amount of oil is not a feasible answer for the future.
Any further investment will be less profitable and that too will be finite.
Exponential consumption of finite resources is a frightening concept.
The fundamental problem is this: there is a finite amount of fossil fuel.
Radioactive effluents from a reactor are well-defined, completely understood and finite.
Most economists agree that it makes good sense to steer away from finite foreign oil toward homegrown renewable energy.
The nucleonic barrier is absolutely impregnable to finite relations.
Our resources are quite finite and not conducive to supplying a non-aging population.
No one disagrees that the finite ones will be expended.
The same will happen to natural gas and coal because they are finite resources.
There's a finite capacity that the cell phone system can support at any given base station.
In that realm, the process could be repeated a number of times equal to the largest finite number one can imagine.
Oil is finite, as there's only so many creatures that died millions of years ago for us to exploit them.
The collision of exponentials with the finite is a mathematical certainty.
The limits of intelligence may indeed be finite, but to some of us there are still goals not yet achieved and room to grow.
It is inevitable in the sense that finite resources can only support a finite population, not infinite population growth.
When will people take of the blinkers and realise that this is a finite planet.
After renormalization, when everything is finite, there is not the smallest trace left of virtual particles.
The sun s finite input, however, can only compensate if economic activity s entropy production is not too large.
The current economy is based upon fossil fuels, which no matter how you look at it, are finite resources.
In the end, our finite minds are attempting to understand an infinite universe.
It's obvious that this is impossible, the finite cannot understand the infinite.
However, the point is also that this is a finite planet.
As one commenter mentioned the resources the world has to offer are finite.
Such issues are magnified as population increases, because resources are finite.
When introducing hierarchy then all these infinities sum up to a finite value.
So there could also be a finite infinity of matter in motion within the life time of a single solar system.
The definitions are equivalent on finite dimensional vector spaces, but not so in infinite dimensional spaces.
It's true for any distribution with a finite variance, but not all natural processes follow such distributions.
To any finite order in that expansion, only a finite number of couplings contribute to the amplitude for some physical process.
The finite-element method combines the significant advantages of both basis-oriented and real-space grid-based approaches.

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