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Example sentences for finished

The first complete individual human genome was finished less than three years ago and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
On the walls were pictures he had made, crude things, half finished.
It has been a bumpy ride over the last couple of years for the team that finished fifth in the championship last year.
Note that if a single part is out of stock, whole finished product cannot be produced.
If you have a finished building it's relatively easy to reconstruct a blueprint from that.
One of the more memorable moments actually never made it into the finished story.
The finished roast could be compared to a pale chocolate malt.
Scientists say the final draft of the human genome sequence is finished.
It was less a finished product than an evolving piece of the hill.
Before computers, this experimental section helped engineers model the effects of compression on the finished bridge's cables.
Do any major pruning in spring or summer, after bloom has finished add to my plant list.
Even for those of us who finished high school algebra on a wing and a prayer, there's something compelled about equations.
After you are finished drafting your code, put your.
When the ecologists had finished their fieldwork, they made a startling discovery.
Green renovation doesn't end when construction is finished.
They will surely be killed once the scientists are finished with them.
When scientists finished sequencing the human genome, the answers to diseases were supposed to follow.
Anyone who's finished graduate school knows that the student-adviser relationship doesn't end when you get your degree.
Thousands of buyers now fear they may never see their properties finished or, worse, not get their money back.
Number of days it takes, on average, for a posted task to be finished.
Few had actually thrived in the course, and even fewer had any concrete plans about what to do after it was finished.
It has already finished such deals with another dozen.
He was told that he had finished his career with that remark.
Whoever finished first would be the head of the cycle.
The finished floors remain under wraps until all interior painting is done.
Go behind the scenes to see how our homes come together: from factory build to installation to the finished product.
Every position has something in it when the cipher is finished.
Stimulus' contribution to growth is essentially finished.
He hadn't finished speaking when a cracking sound occurred.
By following the recipe below, you can have a load of finished compost in about six weeks.
He had finished a stint as a top policeman, and was starting a new security job at the defence ministry.
The top utensil is untreated, the bottom a finished product.
But she doesn't always wait until they're finished to start her meal.
Move over new potatoes, it's time to see the finished product.
Finally, the replica part made of plastic was used to make a mould for casting the finished component in aluminium.
Finished surfaces can be painted and covered with sheet rock or siding.
We finished off with sprigs of berry-laden cotoneaster.
The archaeologists won't say exactly where the book was found until they are finished investigating the site.
Keep the plant's finished shape in mind as you work.
If you have a home garden, put the bin near it to reduce the distance you will have to transport the finished compost.
For a more finished look, cap the shelf ends with scrap shelving brackets painted white.
When the ball has finished taking measurements, it can be reinflated to enable it to roll onward.
They finished by applying aerated compost tea to the entire area.
For a finished look, choose a pot that echoes the succulents' colors.
Model and bystanders alike were fascinated and delighted by the finished masks.
We have another batch that are currently being fattened up and we'll post pics of the finished product.
The finished submarine, right before it's put to the test in the river.
Put a thin foam pad under your finished mat to keep it from slipping.
Apparently, the delay ended soon after they finished playing.
Ask the audience to hold their applause or questions until after all the student-scientists have finished their presentations.
Or does it carry on at full strength until the gravity wave has finished.
When he has finished his work, he demands to be petted.
Now that he's finished reading them, he's making plans to sneak them back into the library.
Neither has finished below the top three spots at any point in the past seven years.
He then cures the finished cheese for six weeks to a year to age it and bring it to full flavor.
Revenue will not flow back to the investors until the plant is finished.
Meanwhile, my adviser is waiting patiently for me to turn in a major portion of the finished work.
The finished cookies are carried in buckets to markets or sold on the streets.
Later versions would probably create a finished design pretty much on their own.
When a word is misspelled in a finished product, it cuts no ice to try to soften the crime by calling it a mere typo.
So, it's really important that cheese has a consistent functionality in these finished foods.
At the time the game was far from finished and was riddled with racing game clichés.
When everything is finished except the dissertation.
Before the stock goes into the dish, it's finished with more butter.
When the company finally finished the blade, it was lying flat.
They finished in three days what would have taken the scientists three months.
After the team finished surveying, it took months to fence, excavate and level the site.
And when he finished the presidents, he started on the losing candidates, too.
Even for those of us who finished high school algebra on a wing and a prayer, there's something compelling about equations.
Spray finished arrangements with an antidesiccant to keep greens fresh longer.
Unfortunately, the game currently seems as if its not quite finished.
After you have finished reading the story, have students list the characteristics of river life.
Can an old tree limb be used to drill holes in or must it be a finished post style piece of wood.
Place the finished breads on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
The two-story space is filled with easels, dripping brushes and half-finished canvases covered with swirls of paint.
The finished product can be published in minutes on e-readers and tablets, or exported for on-demand printing.
It unstoppered many readers' high-proof memories of stalled dissertations, some eventually finished and some not.
Each time he thinks he is finished, he doubts himself.
Except when you're finished making tea, you drink the tea and throw out the leaves.
When finished, it will be powered by a jet engine bolted to a rocket.
But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished.
In short, when it wanted but three days to summer, the only part that remained to be finished was the gateway.
The saint, being then at his prayers, told the officer that he would follow him as soon as he had finished them.
Better-quality drafts and near-finished sequences fall on a sliding scale in between.
The space shuttle era is finished, its vehicles museum-bound.
The people are forced to move from their land until the gas company is finished fracking, which sometimes will take years.
Because of this discontinuous operation, the yeasts are submitted to a food stress when the digestion of sugar is finished.
The movement of the future for bio technology is to make many salable finished products from your feedstocks.
When finished, it'll have a wonderfully rich texture, similar to that of cream cheese but lighter.
It is generally recommended to add a little roof on top of the finished box to keep the nests dry.
Researchers have finished mapping the genome of the domestic dog.
Take our quiz featuring sites that were never started, never finished, or are still undergoing construction.
The blocks jostled together during their journey in the ship, then masons at the destination finished them.
Once the two-week preservation process is finished, the squid will become part of the museum's research collection.
The whereabouts of these eggs, and whether or not they even were finished, were unknown until recently.
For large gardens, conserve limited amounts of compost by adding one trowel's worth of finished compost into each planting hole.
As soon as she'd finished, the turtle team hopped into action to record her vital statistics.
The finished ant raft is quite buoyant, as the researchers found out after attempting to sink a raft with a twig, pictured above.
Put finished compost in a burlap bag and steep it in water in a large container, such as a plastic garbage can.
Once the diagrams are finished, discuss the information in each area of the diagram.
The artists work inches from the surface of the stone, skillfully cutting floral designs into the nearly finished monuments.
Repeat this process until you have finished the article.
When pineapple has finished cooking, preheat broiler.
Once all five teams had finished cooking, the other students gazed with pride at their plated creations.
Put them in a bowl when they're finished, and let them wait for the minister to their wedding.
He spoke to the group after we'd finished our sampling.
She finished it all, and then refused to eat the other stuff.
He finished that chore and drove the full milk cans over to a neighbor who was still in the business and had a cooling tank.
The only thing you will see in the finished commercial is his chopping motion.
But after two years he'd spent twice that much, his partners had pulled out, and the bar was only half finished.
But they were not intended to create yet more ways for four-star generals to be weigh in on finished intelligence.
Tells about the painstaking process of editing the hundreds of takes into a finished recording.
When he finished that story, he went back to work and wrote another-and then another.
He finally let go of the note, stumbling a bit to the side as he finished.
Continue baking the remaining potato slices up to three minutes longer, checking them frequently and removing the finished ones.
When pasta is finished cooking, drain and toss with vegetables and cheese.
Such a complicated project needed to be finished in eight months.
But after two hours he woke up, groggily finished his meal, and later trotted off into the sunrise.
The finished product was so alluring that he decided to move into the penthouse and to add a pavilion on the roof.
The show is finished, and he's changing his clothes to the second show.
Lorimer purchased two finished paintings on the spot.
He led a public campaign against the plant for four decades, but by the time he finished more people were smoking it than ever.
By the time it's finished, you'll be lost in numb happiness.
Today the throughput of the industrial system, from mine and wellhead to finished product, ends up in a landfill or incinerator.
To a boa constrictor, those beats are simply a sign that it hasn't finished killing yet.
Once the examination has finished, the spider pill exits the body naturally.
As contestants finished, they smacked a timer, then closed their eyes and put their heads down on the table.
These special triplets act as full stops that indicate when a protein is finished.
And once the hull was finished, the ship sat in seawater for a year while the inside was furnished.
Those figures are even more astonishing because the spiders discard the silk after they are finished feeding.
With the first phase of research finally finished, the group has decided to launch a fusillade of papers to scientific journals.
When the photocopier is finished, you're left with two sets of papers and three copies of the mysteriously mobile sheet.
After she finished screaming and crying, she contacted the company.
Perhaps it will have to go out and beg and/or borrow to get it finished.
But for some reason, he never finished his follow-up.
After the ultrasound treatment was finished, the blood-brain barrier closed back up.
He finished the playhouse and felt fine--for a week or so.
Then the relentless guns of the hunters may have finished the species off.
Once they're finished they'll put everything back together in more-or-less flight-ready condition.
The principal reason predictions of string theory are not well defined is that the theory is not finished.
Once the flesh was finished, the skulls were turned into more practical objects.
The finished devices are squares of paper roughly the size of postage stamps.
Now, the group has finished their first clinical trial on human patients.
To make the finished component, the pattern is then fixed by a flash of ultraviolet light.
The casting molds can be filled with materials such as gold or iron, removed and machined to a finished part.
Instead, they continued typing until they had finished the search query.
The finished part is then inserted into bacteria, where it can perform its designated task.
Rather, they will sell the finished components instead.
But when they were finished, they vastly outperformed other bows.
In short, the time when publishers could rely on print magazines is finished.
They still don't have a production facility that has ever made a finished car.
Eliminating the need to reconcile many versions of a design means fewer tiny errors when it's finished.
Most notably, once the supply of chemicals inside the battery has finished reacting, the battery goes dead.
He then finished high school and enrolled in university, but lacked the funds to graduate.
The number of finished works he made depended on how many he needed, or thought he could sell.
When he had finished reading these words the audience of about a thousand people interrupted with applause.
The locking-in time had come and nothing was allowed to disturb it until the book was finished.
She sat there until she found her way in, until she got it right, until it was finished.
He was seventy-five years old and he had this same serenity, this satisfaction of a finished task.
When the evaluation is finished, around twenty-two of them will have been voted off the island.
He showed him different guns, told him heroic stories and made him promise to enlist as soon as he finished primary school.

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