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When the pickings are this good, bears can turn finicky.
But despite their omnipotent potential, embryonic stem cells are a finicky lot.
Never once did they manage to creep out of my finicky ears.
But people seem to be far more finicky about what they put in their mouths for nutrition.
He once was a grower of roses and peonies but found them finicky.
It may sound finicky but paying proper attention to what you write is desirable for the reading pleasure of your audience.
Solid state devices are far preferable, no matter how finicky.
It was plagued by finicky carbs and had a habit of killing magnetos.
Especially in a building without a finicky co-op board to examine one's social and financial pedigree.
The problem with combat is an all-too finicky camera.
Persimmon also is not particularly finicky as to site.
Finicky controls and stability issues keep me from giving a whole-hearted recommendation.
However, her choreographic neatness has occasionally caused some of her dances to seem finicky or bloodless.
The package is finicky about combining clips that vary even slightly in their video properties.
It is finicky as to dates and often fanciful as to detail.
Magical or not, candy making can also be tedious and finicky.
But technique must be used here in the service of lightness, charm and almost finicky detail.
All organisms are finicky, and the sulfur-loving bacteria are no exception.
Where spotted owls are finicky eaters, barred owls consume almost anything, including spotted owls.
The biologist begs readers not to think badly of the finicky bats.
Nature is not nearly so finicky or squeaky-clean as our ideals demand.
Having achieved these rights, they have been almost finicky in the selectivity with which they exercise them.
Creating tissues from stem cells is a finicky process.
Although finicky servers and overloaded phone lines cause their share of problems, the bits usually get delivered.
Even micro fuel cells are larger, and theyre much more finicky about fuel than a turbine engine.
Nor is it history in the sense that finicky historians think of history.
The only way to achieve temperatures this low involves the finicky and expensive process of liquefying helium.
Some hotels are introducing menus this spring designed to appeal to finicky children and their health-conscious parents.
As any parent knows, it can be a challenge to please the palate of finicky kids.
The finicky nature of the knuckler has led to rough stretches.
Finicky eaters and older kids can order from the adult menu.
He's finicky about everything: the sound, his guitar, his hired help.
Stink bugs, those flying pecan orchard pests, are finicky eaters.
Wild trout tend to be more finicky than stocked trout, and they can be a challenge to catch.
Live bait can be deadly when fish are finicky or while targeting larger fish.
For times when the fish are finicky veteran anglers have a few tricks to stimulate feeding.
If the fish are a little more finicky, live bait might be a better choice.
The wrecks are loaded with fish, but spadefish are finicky about hitting bait.
Few of nature's creatures are less finicky in their diets, which helps explain the coyote's wide distribution.
Unlike the finicky caterpillars, adult butterflies may take nectar from many different plants.
Channel catfish are anything but finicky, feeding on almost anything that floats by.
Bluegill have become more finicky, so anglers have had to downsize their presentation.
The generator that operates the lights and electricity at the cabin is old, finicky and high maintenance.
They are finicky spawners requiring high or rising river flows.
Hotels tend to have finicky heating and cooling systems so it is recommended that you dress in layers.
The small rainbows here can be finicky at times so you may plan this day hike with fishing as the secondary objective.
They can be finicky about their growing requirements.
Other times, they appear more finicky and use their lips and tongue to delicately harvest only the berries.
Ultra light tackle, light line and small lures work well with finicky fish.

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