finial in a sentence

Example sentences for finial

The information will still be fresh in mind for the finial exam.
They fashioned the main dome and its solid gold finial, the mosaics, the calligraphy and the intricate marble flowers.
Finial spent the time since then attempting to perfect it.
The damaged portions were carefully restored except for a finial on the steeple.
After the roof was set in place, two workers were lifted by a basket to place the finial piece on top of the roof to cap it off.
The house retains its patterned and scalloped roof, a finial and elaborate molded wood cornice and dormers.
The cracked finial atop the pyramid repaired, and exterior around clocks cleaned.
Each pillar has a convex, molded pyramidal cap with a round finial and a height of fourteen feet.
In lieu of mitered corners, a square post is installed which has a finial on its top.
The eight-sided conical spire is sheathed in shingles and is completed with a copper ball finial at its apex.
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