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Now a school has asked to fingerprint me post campus interview.
Many of the fingerprint readers could be tricked simply by breathing on them, reactivating the last user's fingerprint.
The fingerprint images have also been reduced in resolution so as to render them unusable except for illustration.
Maynard has personally experienced many fingerprint-related snafus, often related to employment.
The gases in a planet's atmosphere provide the unique fingerprint for such a comparison.
Each ring contains a fingerprint of the water chemistry wherever the fish swam on a given day.
The researchers are also looking for shifts or contractions in species distribution-a fingerprint of climate change.
Here, a technician dusts a mounted rhino head with magnetic fluorescent powder, revealing a clear fingerprint on the horn.
Each fish's pattern is as unique as a human fingerprint.
Mistaken eyewitness identification is a major culprit, but fingerprint misidentification is cited too.
The dispute hinges on one control in particular: fingerprint matching.
Maybe this technology could be implemented as a security solution on higher level than eye or fingerprint recognition.
But the only clues were a fingerprint and the doorknob, which had been recovered by the police from the gutter outside the museum.
The memory drive features a system that first identifies your fingerprint before allowing you in.
Nearly all those named so far have been matched with dental records and fingerprint examinations.
Users send in a sample of their saliva and get back their genetic fingerprint, or genotype.
But those geographic variations in fingerprint patterns possess no known function whatsoever.
These sequences vary in number from individual to individual, and they act as a genetic fingerprint.
The pattern of the dunes put me in mind of the loops and whorls of a fingerprint.
Laptops and mobile phones that can recognize a fingerprint, for instance, are now commercially available.
Fingerprint scanners do not work by storing a fingerprint.
Each element emits a unique combination of gamma rays and neutrons, and thus has a distinctive fingerprint.
But now, after years of research, scientists have begun to detect a human fingerprint in many extreme weather patterns.
However, sometimes color leaves a microscopic fingerprint.
Instead a human fingerprint emerged from the data pattern.
It captures all that the beans have seen and reveals how each part of the process has left its fingerprint.
Similarly, our immaterial thinking abilities is the fingerprint from a spiritual world.
He zips the prints to a central fingerprint database, and gets an answer back immediately.
Fingerprint authentication for computer and network logons.
In the long history of forensic science, prosecutors have found few weapons more powerful than the fingerprint.
Imagine a car that will only start with a scan of its owner's fingerprint.
Every transaction must be accompanied by a reporting form which carries the customer's vital information, including a fingerprint.
Exposure to a particular gas yields a specific pattern of colored dots, providing a chemical fingerprint.
Each slide is blank except for what appears to be a greasy fingerprint in the center.
Some have offered fingerprint readers or retinal scanners as suggested identification technology.
Using advanced fingerprint identification technology.
Fingerprint impressions are required for all unlicensed applicants.
We have no record of receipt of this fingerprint transaction.
Instructions for persons rolling fingerprint cards.
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