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Example sentences for fingernail

Squeezing a chemistry lab down to fingernail size could provide instant medical tests at home and on the battlefield.
Neither drama nor characters are shaped so that the viewer is compelled to feel mystified or fingernail-chewing tense.
The egg-seller's gaze is drawn toward her bitten fingers where only small stubs of fingernail remain.
He could hear nothing but the little rough scratch of her fingernail against the silk.
She ran a fingernail around one avocado, splitting the skin, then twisted the fruit in half.
Tonight, though, a fingernail crescent provides only a few hours of illumination before retiring below the horizon.
Hair- and skin-care products drew eight billion dollars each, while fingernail items alone accounted for a billion.
Hair- and skin-care products drew eight billion dollars each, which fingernail items alone accounted for a billion.
No biggie, the touchscreen is easy to use with a fingernail.
In many cases, you'd better off consulting chicken bones and fingernail clippings.
If you have a strand of hair or some fingernail clippings, a simulation is theoretically possible.
In one day, he could cover an area the size of a fingernail.
She tapped one of the square panes with her fingernail to attract the puppy's attention.
Then she was quiet for a second, biting an unpolished fingernail.
The last two digits had been scratched out, with a fingernail.
They also tried rolling fingernail parings into their cigarettes and depriving themselves of sleep.
Then you take a nail file and rub your furthest fingernail.
He brought fingernail clippings to the probation office instead.
The hook could be a shampoo bottle full of water, a boot or a fingernail clipper.
All that head lice cause is a vibrant pizzicato on the skull and an occasional secondary infection from fingernail raking.
Drilling a fingernail or toenail to relieve pressure, or draining fluid from blisters.
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