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Example sentences for fingered

Multi-fingered cactus plants become a dominant species on the hillsides.
Nimble-fingered operators sent, received and retransmitted messages day and night.
Much of the book is the comedy of the age translated into a light-fingered prose.
Then he put out his long-taloned hands to a piece of plate opposite and fingered it lovingly.
He dreamed of laying his big, blunt-fingered hands on the brows of patients in hospital wards.
For an electrician and mechanic, no matter how light-fingered, there seemed no question of marrying them all off.
And as with everything that he wrote, it was composed with a two-fingered peck on a typewriter.
Pack leg warmers, arm warmers and warm, full-fingered gloves.
And its three-fingered hand, among other primitive traits, indicates that it was an early member of this family.
Or three-fingered, yellow-skinned two dimensional people that live in televisions.
But then other animals started being found that had wishbones, three-fingered hands and feathers.
They fingered the spots based on two theories on the distribution of biological species.
Given the situation, there was no doubt what he would throw--a split-fingered fastball.
Comments can be anonymous so you don't have to fear being fingered as the guy who complained about too much kohlrabi.
All she knew was that she felt fine and exhibited no symptoms, and she objected to being fingered as the perpetrator.
Touchscreen keyboard offers ample space, even for fat-fingered types.
Soft-touch plastic on the back boosts your wet-fingered grip.
He is a light-fingered specimen who can pick a pocket or unbuckle a wrist watch with consummate ease.
She was always proud of her long-fingered, elegant hands.
The spine frayed into webbing at the top, the corners fingered down to skin.
The canyon is now shrouded with lush five-fingered ferns, dark green sword ferns, and delicate lady ferns.
We know they have scissors and sewing machines there and millions of nimble-fingered operators.
She can also watch funds that sit unused in state coffers, and move them before any light-fingered officials get there.
The main concession is to be less critical of regimes that are a bit light-fingered, or disdainful of human-rights.

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