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Students work with, and learn from, the world's finest artists.
We should have a good navy, and our sea-coast defences should be put in the finest possible condition.
The fluency and ornaments of the finest poems or music or orations or recitations are not independent but dependent.
Part of the afternoon had waned, but much of it was left, and what was left was of the finest and rarest quality.
The fluency and ornaments of the finest poems or music or orations or recitations, are not independent but dependent.
Patty was aware that this was not her finest hour of sportsmanship.
The collection is considered the finest in the world.
It was our finest moment, and it's tragic that some want to insist that it couldn't have happened.
Made of merino wool, arguably the finest performance material ever.
Phoenix's finest watch the goings-on with jaws agape.
Many of the finest among them are still with us, never improved upon from a culinary standpoint.
Connoisseurs, he says, argue as to the source of the finest opium.
With convenient home delivery, you'll experience the finest journalism in the world in its original form.
It was finest car there and is one of the finest in my collection now.
The finest plays are not those that make the fewest mistakes.
They are among the finest pictures ever to have appeared there.
In his other bands he is known as one of rock's finest guitarists.
The tournament of tournaments is therefore a showcase of the finest squads from across the continents and hemispheres.
His finest literary impulses of that era and his pecuniary needs had come together.
They are famous for lowest moments rather than finest hours.
Heavier grains settle out first, followed by the finest-grained muds and clays.
The carving of the two scaly dragons on the seal is regarded by some as not being of the finest quality.
The attacks would have challenged the world's finest commandos.
And the fact that some of your finest achievements are aped by rivals does not make them sustainable.
Then listen to the sad story of one of the oldest and finest consumer products ever sold: a veritable fount of knowledge.
Even if the school taught students nothing, they would still be buying the finest job marketing imaginable.
One must have the fastest car, finest suit or priciest house.
If you can't get a job, then send him to the finest school in town--community college.
In the field, he is one of the finest defensive outfielders in the system.
Dog owners talk about the handlers as if they are top chefs finessing the finest ingredients into a masterpiece.
They were generally rated the finest in the country, well funded and well run, with excellent teachers.

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