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There would be no need to maneuver or to adjust the approach for any reason other than to finesse the touchdown itself.
Baseball was a different game then, built more on speed and finesse than power.
She lacks the quickness of her opponents but has more finesse.
They give you the means to psychologically finesse ambiguous outside reality.
And anyone in government will tell you that information, when wielded with finesse, begets power.
South then had only seven winners and had to try the spade finesse.
When the queen was declarer, she won the first club in dummy to finesse with the queen of spades.
He could try the heart finesse or, if the spirit so moved him, play for a major-suit squeeze.
She has thrived as a ballad singer, alternately celebrated for her finesse and dismissed as bland.
Yet even these can rise to wit if turned with finesse.
Her movements had infinite finesse, delicacy and emotional dimension.
He begins by making a paper model, then feeds its dimensions into a computer to finesse the design.
It included a drizzle of maple syrup, but again, the sweet fillip was done with finesse.
With the diamond finesse working, the contract could no longer be defeated.
We thought it was complex and creamy, though with less finesse than the higher-ranked beers.
They demonstrated power, but they also showed finesse.
It takes tremendous finesse and professionalism not to let regularly playing villains affect an actor's offscreen life.
Ira's meticulous attention to detail is always in evidence, along with his literary finesse.

Famous quotes containing the word finesse

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