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In the bowl was a deep blue powder, made finer and finer with each grind of the pestle.
Hale joins the conversation to demonstrate some of her voice-over techniques, including the finer points of grunting.
Getting students up to speed on the finer points of financial aid isn't easy, but he thinks it's worth the effort.
Discussing the finer points of the play was not an option.
If one must be outsourced, let it be to a town that treasures the finer things.
Now for the first time scientists have sketched out in much finer detail how this process occurs, step by step.
The slowness gets emphasized by finer and finer dimensions and more complex structures.
People can finally afford some finer, more expensive pleasures.
The problem with trying to split this hair even finer is, there is a point of diminishing returns.
For two decades poachers have slaughtered chiru by the thousands for their wool, which is finer and more expensive than cashmere.
The finer things are there for the sake of comfort and to be enjoyed for their aesthetic value.
The finer your hair, the less oil you should use to avoid greasiness.
But much finer telescopic resolution is still needed.
It was no time to debate the finer points of overwork or the human limits of continuous improvement.
While the process is simple to understand, knowing some finer points makes all the difference.
The sausage will still be unpleasantly chewy if you don't grind the meat and fat again with a finer die.
Yet no one picture feels finer or deeper than the others.
Baldness in general occurs when the hair follicle shrinks over time, resulting in shorter and finer hair.
As a matter of fact there is, for the picture is really finer in some respects than you are likely to anticipate.
Varying the amount of dye also lets them make finer tweaks.
One then posits the finer the hairs the harder to fling drier.
Its finer points made themselves apparent in the glowing yet decisive manner that is politely imposed by a good vintage.
He scribbles notes to himself, as if wrestling with the finer points of semiotics.
To try and maintain their catch, more fishermen use nets with a finer mesh.
Both appreciate the finer points of ship construction, seamanship and gun technology.
She will be able to work with visitors to her vehicle to produce posters, as well as set finer works herself.
So what that they haven't worked out the finer points of their platform.
Faster computers and new modelling techniques might well provide more details and finer distinctions.
There's nothing wrong with a movie that makes us feel good about ourselves and feeds a sense of our finer qualities.
In some areas of academia, making finer distinctions is an ability that is fostered in students.
There is a closer relation between the emotional episodes and the rhythm, a finer web of words.
He buys richer silks, finer cottons, higher grained wools.
Your accent is something finer than you could purchase in so removed a dwelling.
The kidney is supplied with a coarse subserous plexus and a deeper plexus of finer capillaries in the capsule.
There is no finer ear, nor more command of the keys of language.
Their essence is not less beautiful than their appearance, though it needs finer organs for its apprehension.
And the finer minds returned with a deeper and more intelligent patriotism.
Never did apiary have a finer outlook or more rugged surroundings.
Soothe him with thy finer fancies, touch him with thy lighter thought.
Manufactures, those of the finer kind especially, are more easily transported from one country to another than corn or cattle.
The sandstone packages are exposed much better than the finer-grained intervals and were the focus of a lot of the detailed work.
It also captures a larger portion of the beam with less divergence, creating even finer images.
Thankfully this book isn't going to debate the finer points of overprotective parenting.
Walking these areas is the best way to tour them, allowing you to enjoy finer details than can get missed during a driving tour.
One of the finer things in life is having money that works while you sleep.
Structures such as buildings appear generic and lack finer details.
If you are set on trying one of the finer restaurants in the city, go out for lunch when meals are cheaper.
Microbes have carved up the human body into far finer niches.
In broad strokes the picture is unchanged, but in the finer grained shadings different details come into sharper relief.
Among woolen manufacturers, the finer the fiber, the softer the fabric and the higher the price.
But within these particular clades one can drill-down to a finer-grain.
There the veins split up into finer vessels that run side by side along the hot arteries.
But they were able to zero in on many regions of the rough draft and get a much finer picture of interesting genes.
My father explained what our goal was, and to to me, there could be no finer objective than to land people on the moon.
One cannot expect those raised in impoverished conditions to give a whit on the finer aspects of the working of nature.
What scientists do quibble over are the finer details.
He concentrates, trying to put a finer point on his notion of divinity.
The finer the grid resolution, the longer a solution for each time step takes.
These statistics are based on the sizes of particles for which certain percentages of the sample are either finer or coarser.

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