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Chop capers, garlic and shallot finely and add to bowl.
Modern humans' stone tools and weapons usually featured elongated, standardized, finely crafted blades.
The clay is dried and strengthened by adding finely pulverized pottery shards before pots are shaped, painted and fired.
After the sun had swung around and began grazing the surface, however, a delicate web of finely engraved lines started to emerge.
Some even home in on their destination using a finely tuned sense of smell.
In the finely divided state oxygen or other oxidizing agents convert it to a metabolizable form.
Forgiveness should be meted out in finely measured and consequence-ridden portions.
So it's not a big hollow, but rather a zone of more finely structured, less ordered ice.
He wore a star-shaped golden badge hitched to a belt finely tooled with wildflowers.
The message is that his body is a finely tuned instrument over which he has exquisite control.
If you're going to chop them finely you might as well use cabbage.
The new wing, grandly processional in scheme and finely intimate in detail, does its job with judicious flair.
The hue is caused by the silt that is finely ground away from the valley walls by the glacier and deposited in the lake.
Users finely craft their bons mots to grab people's attention and perhaps earn a retweet or two.
It has two electric motors, plus lots of software and finely machined gears to transport power to the wheels.
And they don't coordinate their spending plans to allow such a finely balanced ledger.
But the main purpose of these thrusters is to provide side propulsion so the barge's movements can be finely controlled.
Mash yolks, and add equal amount of cold cooked chicken or veal, finely chopped.
Entire wheat flour has only the outer husk removed, the remainder of the kernel being finely ground.
It shows the reaction of a finely tempered spirit to a world at variance with it.
Then his flesh is roasted and eaten in special vessels of wood finely carved.
Eyes full of sparkling wickedness-ears finely cut, flexibly moving.
The case studies here are finely observed, judiciously expressed, and genuinely fascinating.
Carr believes that the indirect evidence from finely-tuned coupling constants is actually stronger.
Some of the latter were as finely woven as a modern linen tablecloth.
Their mouth became finely adapted for shooting a long tongue forward into ant nests.
Those wisps of gas appear to be finely resolved, but they're billions of kilometers across.
Her light, wide-spaced eyes are set in a finely boned face framed by sandy hair.
The contents of the pot are then filtered through a sieve lined with finely woven cotton or silk.
But diplomatic exchanges between the two countries are more finely balanced.
The reality is that for the majority of candidates the judgment is finely balanced and largely subjective.
Pulse sugar and ginger in a food processor until ginger is finely chopped, then add cream cheese and pulse until smooth.
Pulse all ingredients except bread in a food processor until finely chopped and combined well.
Pulse hazelnuts with sugar in a food processor until nuts are finely chopped.
It's his instrument, in the musical and also the scientific sense: a delicate, finely calibrated recording device.
Turns out, the difference is sugar--22 grams of the finely ground, easily dissolving stuff per packet.
Her inventive language is finely, if exhaustively, accomplished.
Place in a food processor with onion and finely chop.
Many catalyze polymerization and other reactions, particularly when finely divided.
Problems can best be avoided by careful control of any finely divided material and by good personal hygiene.

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