fine arts in a sentence

Example sentences for fine arts

The fine arts once divorcing themselves from truth are quite certain to fall mad, if they do not die.
He was reproached with indulging his taste for the fine arts at an immoderate expense.
Let us turn to another familiar human interest, that of the fine arts.
They could not make a career in the fine arts, and they turned to industrial design as a way of making a living.
Both for the vehicle and for the aims of fine arts, you must frequent the public square.
Fine arts photographers sell their photographs as fine artwork.

Famous quotes containing the word fine arts

... that softening influence of the fine arts which makes other people's hardships picturesque ...... more
... there is a lightness about the feminine mind—a touch and go—music, the fine arts, that kind of thin... more
Nature predominates over the human will in all works of even the fine arts, in all that respects their mate... more
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