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Luxurious in-room appointments include rich woods and marble, original fine art, handsome furnishings and first-rate amenities.
Ornamentation is the principal part of architecture, considered as a subject of fine art.
It's called advertising, brought to a fine art with computers.
Education is a fine art, and a difficult task, probably beyond human reach.
No social group has quite succeeded in establishing itself as the unifying central inheritor of fine art or music.
Captivated by the beauty of moths, an artist transforms these backyard fliers into fine art.
Plus: time-savers for travelers, payoffs for procrastinators, and the fine art of the instant escape.
Captivated by the beauty of moths, an artist uses digital scans to transform backyard fliers into fine art.
If cartoons are ever to break into the fine art marketplace we'll have to come up with more arcane terminology.
The index revealed that fine art was a far more reliable investment than is commonly thought.
It was built of red brick and had fine art-deco decoration.
Calligraphy is a fine art and those good at it should be praised.
It is the only country that has honed a state policy of terror and terrorism to a fine art.
Admission is free, and offerings at the juried show range from fine art to local crafts.
Visitors can peruse and purchase fine art, ceramics, jewelry and furniture.
You'll find a variety of artists offering crafts and fine art, along with shops selling collectibles and antiques.
But while buyers have the upper hand in this economy, there's still a fine art to the haggle.
For lovers of fine art, it was a veritable field day.
Some artists also hold full-time or part-time jobs unrelated to art and pursue fine art as a hobby or second career.
Art gallery with revolving exhibits of fine art in all media by local artists for display and sale.
The gallery's main focus was to continually increase consumer awareness and knowledge of acquiring and collecting fine art.
Minimum requirements include a bachelor's degree in graphic design, or fine art with a strong emphasis on graphic design.

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