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Example sentences for find out

You'll also learn about local cultural cafes, find out how to buy vintage, and get some great recipes for party appetizers.
Discover sends an intoxicated investigator to find out.
Find out where this year's and last year's graduates of your department went.
Talk to others about new directions developing in your field and find out about emerging leaders who might be attending.
Use our tool to find out which colleges excel in which areas.
If you know you are going to be working with archives, find out what you need to do to gain access to them.
The researchers hoped to find out how using one compared with using the other, and how e-book use affected students' learning.
Schnooks take the bait only to find out the hidden costs.
The researchers hoped to find out how using e-books compared with using textbooks, and how e-book use affected students' learning.
Find out which characteristics shine on their own and which make good blending ingredients.
We can't wait to find out more about the surf smelt and seaweed they're planning to forage, and the goat cheeses and yogurt.
It's also important to find out how wide and high a perennial will ultimately grow.
Find out which fish are safe to eat and how many servings you can have per month.
Read the back of the seed packet to find out specific instructions.
To find out how she picked up this information, check out her story.
Certain instances may require you to find out how many seats are available on a particular flight before you buy your ticket.
Before traveling or moving to a new area, you may want to find out if the area has a problem with air pollution.
As you expand your company, find out what motivates each of your employees.
Make a block tower at the midway point to find out how high the block goes.
The students are asked to find out different ways to make the light bulb light.
First they had to find out what made fish such efficient swimmers.
Exploration lets us find out whether both of these are possible.
It is better to die than it is to grow up and find out that you are colored.
We know by experience itself, that it is a marvellous pain to find out but a short way by long wandering.
To find out your attachment style--or that of your partner--they also have a quiz on their website.
Find out how eclipses work and where to watch this one.
Your task is to find out which fairy is attracted to which color.
Once you do that, you'll find out whether it works or not.
Find out what they do, how they do it, and how they got the coolest and weirdest jobs on the planet.
Find out how divers clean out the buildup in a sewage overflow tunnel.
Testing for diseases has a real social benefit, but testing pre-schoolers to find out if they have the right stuff is offensive.
Find out more about why the tide may be turning to tap.
It would be ideal, however, if they could find out about their own home town.
Find out more about the film and the history, and access more teacher resources.
Get the latest news and find out what you can do to help protect our seas.
The land is divided into many different watersheds, and this is your chance to find out which watershed is yours.
So they find out what other influential people really think.
She set out to test this, and specifically to find out whether gestures might be used as an aid to children's learning.
It enables investors to find out what managers are doing with their money.
She intends to set fire to it and find out what happens.
It's important to find out why it went through your legs.
As people live longer, its prevalence rises, and so does the incentive to find out how it works and treat it.
And if the game monitors find out about it, or if they find out you are gold farming, they delete your character and/or account.
The soldier's family has struggled to find out exactly how he died.
Sometimes stuff is worth doing, and people from other countries find out about it.
If you want to find out what a writer or a cartoonist really feels, look at his work.
It does someone little good to find out that they're sensitive to peanuts, pets, or pollen if it doesn't cause a medical problem.
They didn't sit there and wait to find out what their draft board was going to do.
It's always fun to find out that your drug addiction is actually good for you.
It was a triumph for the traditional media, the ancient breed of sleuths who call people on the telephone and find out the truth.
It will be interesting to find out if there is natural copy variation in the number of tumor suppressor genes in humans.
When the top is let go, it takes time for the bottom to find out, and in that time the slinky can collapse.
After you've shelled out a small fortune for a plane ticket, it's always disappointing to find out your flight's been delayed.
To find out, she measured the acidity of saliva from a number of species of fruit bat.
Have you ever bothered to find out the actual percentage of criminals in any given population.
If your doctor thinks you have an ulcer, you may have to swallow a special camera called an endoscope to find out for sure.
Draw all the things you need to do on a big piece of paper, and find out which things depend on other things.
Their ultimate goal is to find out the difference between the diseased and the normal tissues.
After the mousepad reads the tag, software connects to an online database to find out what to do.
Don't know, but will find out for sure at the conference.
Butcher took matter to his lawyer to find out what could be done.
Let him find out in time's fullness what a joke the word was, how it didn't come anyplace close.
Call your local health department or water supplier to find out about testing your water.
When you look at those, what you find out is, off the low of every one of those you had a violent recovery.
He took time to find out what he thought and he had an open mind and a tolerant nature.
The police want to find out who prepared and edited it.
He reads the newspapers to find out what is happening, and anxiously takes the political pulse among his limited acquaintance.
Find out for yourself which workers have eventually refused to submit a personal declaration.
Even if patients remain unwell, no systematic effort is made to find out where doctors may have gone wrong.
Some even go out of their way to find out what their workers really want.
She's in a small town, and there are too many people who could find out about it, or even walk by when she's in the middle of it.
We need new ways of engagement-to find out everything about our supporters.
Actually, a lot of my friends and family are going to find out with this interview.

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