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Use our tool to find out which colleges excel in which areas.
Fiddler crabs track strides to help them find their burrows.
Find the best plants for your climate, your yard, and your personal gardening style.
As a test, we're going to leave the comments on so people can work together to find the answer.
Other than people in danger of being kidnapped, such devices seem unlikely to find many takers.
It would be ideal, however, if they could find out about their own home town.
Some types of pigeons are well known for their ability to find their way home.
Even when you can't find the right answer, you know it exists.
Pirates buried their treasure so nobody else could find it.
They lowered its level enough to find hundreds of pieces of gold along the lake's edge.
Most try to explain it theoretically, but a small minority claim to find problems.
Spider fossils are tough to find because their soft bodies don't preserve well.
If all of the newly benefit-less workers find new jobs, the unemployment rate will drop a good two percentage points.
And indeed the researchers did find several molecular clouds along the arm, one of which they mapped out in detail.
It could also let a nosy citizen with enough cash find out if the mayor is having an affair, he says.
If you cannot find a buyer for your home, you cannot move to a new one.
Hammerhead sharks are consummate predators that use their oddly shaped heads to improve their ability to find prey.
When the violence got out of hand, reconciliation commissions were set up to find a solution.
If you can't find a source of fresh water, there are several possible strategies.
To discover the breeding grounds of the great blue whale, scientists must first find them.
The best way to learn about amateur radio is to find a local club.
But otherwise it hasn't helped me in my search to find a new position.
E-lancing sites are confident that their model of work will find a way through the regulatory maze.
None but the pickiest churl could find a significant omission in this compilation.
Minute-long talks find success at a community college.
The thinner redstarts leaving later must head farther north to find enough food.
Students interested in becoming church professionals upon graduation will find themselves well prepared.
Others talk of leaving their car with the battery fully charged, only to return an hour or two later to find it flat.
They want to find artifacts that tell stories about what happened on that land a long time ago, and they're striking pay dirt.
He plans to conduct experiments designed to find out whether this is so.
Scientists find a strange connection between physical pain and positive emotions.
If that is the case, it should be possible to find an advisor in a different department that is still within your field.
Leaves have strong peppery scent that some people find offensive.
Choose a feature to learn more, and to find an exemplary city and link about progress.
Travelers won't find many roadside shrines along interstates.
It has allowed isolated people to communicate with one another and marginalized people to find one another.
Entomologists struggle to find an alternative to the vanishing honeybee.
Many of us occasionally find ourselves eclipsed by mental fog.
Anyone interested can find a more detailed review of the current evidence at the site below.
Your real estate broker can find you the right home, the right buyer, the right mortgage broker and the right contractor.
Books find a home alongside art and other treasures on these lightweight suspension shelves.
Her find is met with much skepticism, as no one believes a creature with such a long neck could actually have existed.
He that does good shall find good, he that does evil shall find evil.
He should aim at learning how to find a ruling quickly, rather than at remembering the ruling.
The hasty reformer who does not remember the past will find himself condemned to repeat it.
He did not start out with a preconceived bias, hoping to find evidence which might support his views.
There will certainly be more people forced to work for themselves because they lose their jobs and can't find other employers.
What follows is an overview of the long and continued struggle to find the perfect lie detector.
First they had to find out what made fish such efficient swimmers.
Thousands struggled to find refuge from the relentless battering of wind and waves.
It's more or less impossible to define hysteria in a way that a physician today would find acceptable.
The other pumpkins are the ones you'll find all fall at produce and farmers' markets.
Their fantasy world is one that they enter partly to find comfort.
He did not yet know who the writers would be, but he set out to find volunteers.
Well, as you look around at results in medicine, you will find that this is the norm.
It's the kind of place you half expect to find a talking rabbit wearing a monocle and vest and reading by candlelight.
It's certainly a funny business, this failure to find him.
There's only one place left to find the next wave of supermedicines.
Alternative life-forms might find there is actually a lot of room to survive in such an ecosystem.
The puzzle--and joy--of evolutionary biology is to find the lost paths that life took to arrive at the strange forms it has today.
The next great achievement for humanity will be to find alien life on another planet.
They are researching different organic materials to find out which would be the best to use in a solar cell.
New technology may make it easier to find explosives and bomb makers long before they can trigger a deadly roadside bomb.
You'll find demos of new innovations, see what the students are up to, or watch a fascinating lecture.
It also knew that the way to find them was to get humans to start tagging every image in their archive.
But it's been tough to find organizations that match my ideals.
If you're looking for the seat of creativity, you'll find it under a desk.
Use our subscription databases to find citations and full text articles.
Search jobs, create resumes, find education and training.
Click the area on the map where you live to find your senator.
Quickly find the field office, prison or work release location you're looking for.
In a traditionally weak month at the box office, here are six ways for studios to find success.
Then she pushes down harder with her foot, trying to find the van's carpeted floor.
He helps her to find her way home to her grandfather.
For the essence of the poem is a spiritual quest, the effort to find the divine trace in a degenerate world.
Those of us who are concerned always worry about victims and always find ourselves in conflict with those who do the victimizing.
Serious historians may try to find the truth behind the legend.
He knew better than anyone that his neighbors would find this manner boring and insufferable.
Find out what made the list-and what you'll be baking this holiday season.

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