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Example sentences for financier

Dazzle your potential financier with a demonstration of your project, then pounce before the glow fades.
Phil is the charming spokesperson, not the director, producer and financier.
He has been as successful as a social entrepreneur as he has been as a financier.
Discussion of a looming civil complaint against the financier.
If it's a movie star, then some production company or financier invests in the film.
Probably realizing that he would be playing into the hands of the cameraman, the financier checked him- self and laughed.
If the right regulatory mix is found, financier remuneration will return to sane levels by themselves.
Governments' obsession about home ownership has contributed as much to the meltdown as any moustache-twirling financier.
Magda then set her sights on bigger game, eventually bagging a financier.

Famous quotes containing the word financier

The objects of a financier are, then, to secure an ample revenue; to impose it with judgment and equality; ... more
The mayor and Montaigne have always been two, with a very clear separation. For all of being a lawyer or a financi... more
The faults of the burglar are the qualities of the financier: the manners and habits of a duke would cost a... more
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