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So the family launched a campaign to get some of what they felt they were owed financially.
He is successful financially, with perhaps an inheritance as a solid background.
The recipient countries also profit from the arrangement financially but at a social price.
In essence, rewarding the companies financially for their leadership work.
Knowing that such euphoria could be financially perilous, an individual might be able to put the brakes on his or her spending.
Most parents would prefer to have someone at home with their children, but often this is not financially feasible.
There need to be a way to cut the expense of designing useful drugs but still keep it a financially lucrative endeavor.
Others would wait until they'd established themselves professionally and financially and go for it only in middle age.
It is too redolent of voodoo economics to be financially credible and too confusing to impress the voters.
Many were also financially savvy, working long hours and making six-figure incomes.
When she learns he is financially ruined, she lends him her savings.
Derivatives are contracts intended to perform the financially useful function of spreading risk.
One has to believe they modeled this scenario, and it looked worse financially than the model they chose.
We want publishers to make financially prudent decisions so they can continue to deliver games that fuel our addictions.
Ask away, but remember that in these financially brutal times, even the gainfully employed are living lean.
My entrepreneurial friends muse about how to make it financially self-sustaining.
Financially speaking, the best course of action is pretty clear.
They are likely to be better off-both financially and otherwise-than their compatriots who do not go to college.
If private companies want trained apprentices, they will financially support the training.
Many elite colleges have rolled out new financial-aid policies that eliminate or cap loans for financially needy students.
Given the same grant, certain students perform better while others struggle more, even though all of them are financially needy.
At that point, he says, it will be financially sustainable.
Plenty of pressure is put on a development office at any financially troubled college.
But even so, some students struggle financially, especially when faced with emergency situations.
Failing a lot of students is a serious risk, financially, for the college and the professor.
More people are enrolling in college because of bleak job-market opportunities and more families are struggling financially.
Moreover, the data show that financially successful households tend to remain successful.
But even at that price, the financially weak airlines want the government to pay.
Legally and perhaps financially, it may even look much the same as today's corporation.
But outside the rural areas, where one indigenous language prevails, this is neither financially nor logistically feasible.
They showed during the great recession they were among the last to react financially and otherwise.
Even in a financially repressed system austerity is not entirely avoidable.
Each one of them has been burned financially, one way or the other.
They say payday lenders are predatory, financially knee-capping their customers without providing a crutch.
It was absolutely essential that our mothers and wives worked to keep our families sustainable financially.
Labour rates must be at financially feasible levels.
But one side-the lender-is supposed to be financially sophisticated.
Although her father supported her financially throughout her adult life, she always longed for a closer relationship with him.
She was dependent on him both emotionally and financially.
As if the loss of a father weren't traumatic enough, the illness had caught the family in a bad phase financially.
Financially, its prospects have never seemed bleaker.
Most of his later books were financially and critically unsuccessful.
Which helps explain why the financially distraught are searching high and low for help.
We supported each other financially and by showing up at events.
To have challenged a vast materially and financially endowed nation was an act of utter desperation.

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