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The favorable business climate has particularly spurred growth in banking and financial services.
News about counterfeit money and financial instruments.
Personal finance tools have long played a couple of roles: money manager and financial product advocate.
Base your decision on the amount of money you're spending, your tolerance for financial risk, and the cost of the policy.
My previous husband was financial secure, which enabled me to do more with my own money.
Online college courses have proliferated, and so have financial aid scams.
Federal financial aid for the nation's neediest students may be on the chopping block.
Advances in communications technology created big financial centres.
Experts point to isolation, financial distress and lack of psychological services as contributing factors.
Yet despite large museums' financial advantage, small, esoteric museums have held on tenaciously.
Financial plans are offered to help our employees with their income replacement needs when they retire.
One group of individuals who make more financial mistakes than average may not have much in common with another.
The new financial order is undergoing its harshest test.
But for those facing more immediate financial decisions, solving some of the issues might mean getting creative, experts say.
Mango growers have suffered financial ups and downs.
The financial crisis has highlighted the constraints of euro membership for these struggling economies.
What strikes you first is the carrot: giddy financial growth fueling never ending construction and consumerism.
They are little more than a financial grab for tax breaks.
Regulators must resist bankers pleas to loosen financial reform.
Past, present, and future combine seamlessly in the city's historic financial district.
In addition to the coal tax, the government also announced a number of financial incentives for the renewable energy sector.
New studies help explain why, despite having more experience, senior citizens often make unprofitable financial choices.
But in some cases, the financial statements look ever so much rosier.
Poor people get it faster than wealthier ones when there is a small financial reward.
Journal editors expect physicians to disclose financial conflicts, and they don't check.
All these initiatives require financial aid, but the costs are small.
Recently, things have begun slowing down due to the financial crisis.
Financial plans are worthless, but planning is crucial.
Financial stress can strengthen relationships, if it is dealt with.
Commerce will swallow museums if educators try to copy the norms of business for immediate financial reward.
The compensation removes the financial burden and emotional tension such a loss creates, fund operators say.
Progress is slowly being made to stabilize the financial system.
Historians have long thought that one of the hurdles the colonists faced was a lack of financial and material support.
Corporations that design facilities to minimize their environmental impact may earn a financial return, too.
All of us need to take some time every so often to knock things off our financial to-do list.
The bans impose a serious financial loss on reindeer breeders and exhibitors.
The recession has provided a peek at the financial future that utilities face.
All of us need to take some time every so often to knock things off of our financial to-do list.
Because impoverished households must use all of their income to survive, they cannot generate financial savings.
US museums and other organizations have also benefited from these oligarchs' financial donations.
In the economic downturn, financial advisers have been taken to task.
The financial questions of to-day were matters of interest more than a century ago.
For the first time, in fact, financial difficulties began seriously to press on him.
His honesty in financial matters was so great that he actually impoverished himself during his administration of the province.
His social and political troubles were complicated by financial distresses.
Stern financial and social stress after the war cooled much of the previous humanitarian ardor.
With her financial help, he reconstructed the damaged house.
Often overlooked, though, is the financial burden for many families with autistic children.
As the financial crisis deepens, calls to re-regulate the world's financial industry are growing louder.
Financial risk got ahead of the world's ability to manage it.
First, where the financial policemen sit matters less than hiring competent ones.
Find a national organization and consider giving financial support or volunteering for hands-on work or advocacy.
The second group will defend the interests of those who feel strict environmental laws will cause them serious financial damage.
Everyone in the business knows financial woes helped torpedo the first wave of atomic ambition four decades ago.
Aside from physical and financial damage, extreme weather generates collateral damage as well.
Ranchers, too, were given financial incentives to protect the forest and tamarins on their lands.
Once again the government is looking for financial gain and forgetting the people who live in those lands for years and years.
To create estimates for the future, it can be useful to put the financial data into a spreadsheet.
For the next three weeks, we'll be talking about how to navigate troubled financial times.
In the weeks ahead, colleges will begin mailing out their much-anticipated acceptance letters and financial aid packages.
If democracy takes hold, financial growth could follow.
But to-day the primary problem is to avoid a far-reaching financial crisis.
But the financial crisis and its long, dismal aftermath have changed all that.
But they still face significant obstacles as they strive to enter the financial mainstream.
Kids live out their parents' financial stresses, according to a new study.
We don't want to spend years focused on income inequality, only to learn that the financial crisis fixed it for us.
Newer, sophisticated alternative financial products are also commonly used.
Many families will end up losing their homes, and the soundness of the financial system remains in question.
There's an intriguing conspiracy theory being spread around the financial blogosphere.
Economists have offered all sorts of competing theories about exactly what went wrong to cause the financial crisis.
One result of the collapse has been the end of financial economics as something to be celebrated rather than feared.
There are some success stories out there, in spite of dire financial news.
Participant is the only production company in town that has a double bottom line: social good plus financial returns.
At the moment, it's unclear how individual investors or financial firms can take advantage of synchronous behavior.
Here's how a new card can turn into a financial nightmare.
After her financial results fall short, she is unceremoniously canned.
And a club you visited last night, plus financial stuff, plus medicines you take.
Market-based techniques of financial management can also offer weather-risk insurance to the farm communities.
Especially considering that the rich get richer, every profession has financial motivations.
Well, researchers have quantified the financial benefit of the cameras in one city.
Sometimes the college is able to secure an endowment or financial interest but usually not.
Regardless of cultural differences, financial success or marital status, a period of depression settles over our forties.
In another, a bookkeeper consciously ignored a financial error.
Traditional sources of capital for exploration and new mine development are difficult to come by given the financial crisis.
New market-based techniques of financial management can also offer weather-risk insurance to the farm communities.
Their behavior often causes major financial problems that impair their personal and professional relationships.
Finally, candidates must have a record of success in the effective linkage of financial aid to student enrollment and retention.
For the financial-aid office, this is the calm before the storm.
The goal is to help family members support students in ways that go beyond providing financial help.
He notes that the financial pressures faced by many such colleges during the economic downturn have been acute.
Scholarships should be based on financial need only.
They may restrict financial aid, withhold course equivalencies, and/or deny valuable academic credit.
If financial education taught people only how little they actually know, it would accomplish quite a lot.
Instead, they thought that financial wizardry had engineered all the danger out of the system.
Signed financial page talk story about the possibility of deflation.
How two decades of haplessness led to the financial crisis.
Overconfidence can help explain wars, financial disasters, and collapsed civilizations.
But political will and financial incentives have reignited the search for efficient, affordable ways to harness the sun's energy.
He goes on to show the real financial cost of the disease, on top of the devastating health problems it causes.
They have a huge financial incentive to continue reporting bad news.
There is misunderstanding and misdirection going on for political, financial, and social benefit by so many groups.
The company's financial problems have also raised some troubling questions about genetic privacy.
Owner of small business specializing in corporate investigations and structured financial transactions.
It might not make fiscal sense to send humans into space, according to a certain financial metric.
The supercomputer industry is suffering from the financial crisis and they probably are desperate to boost their sales.
Traders might take bigger financial risks, while prisoners might have a dust-up.
Also, while the cost of mining the moon may not currently make financial sense, that doesn't mean it won't always in the future.
It would require years of collaboration and research across many different scientific and financial disciplines.
But beyond the evident failure of internal control technologies lie wider vulnerabilities in the global financial system.
In some situations, such as financial trading, those lost milliseconds can mean missed opportunities.
It is going too fast for much financial security for investors, which is scary.
The calculator can help show the financial differences between building a custom solution versus buying an off-the-shelf system.
Similarly cash provides anonymous financial transactions while a credit card does not.
But they are the preferred way to get hesitant capital in motion without making full financial commitments with tax dollars.
The recently vaunted financial sector is in disarray.
Rather, sooner or later, the necessary changes would be forced by a financial crisis.
Our best minds have gone into financial engineering instead of real engineering, with catastrophic results for both sectors.
For them, pictures were neither financial investments nor elements in a larger conversation with their culture.
It raises a large and complex set of financial, legal, and technical issues.
We were consistently broke or in some kind of financial crisis.
The talent agencies in particular are feeling the financial squeeze as jobs diminish along with packaging fees.
His next idea was a one-stop, online financial-services company, offering everything from banking to insurance.
Most people committing crimes aren't bad people-they act out of necessity, for financial gain.
For years the financial markets roared along as if there were nothing to fear.
It turns out, though, that the spreading of global financial pain is far from simple.
The banking crisis isn't over but financial stocks are showing new zip.
Any confidence in the market was undermined, and financial stocks began to head south in a hurry.
For many, many centuries, marriage was a financial transaction.
Believers in financial-market cycles can seem a little nutty.
Common forms of financial aid include grants, loans, work-study and scholarships.
Understanding financial statements is essential to the success of a small business.
Sound information and financial planning are critical to achieving financial success.
The entire package laid out here will make your financial life better in the long run and give you a sense of control.

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