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Usually, this applies to finances and property, but the judge could take salacious texts into account when deciding who gets what.
If they're being tighter with their finances, then they're probably donating less money to charity.
Where there is no money, it is necessary to wait for better finances.
Eventually, the city got its finances in order, with the help of federal loans and loan guarantees.
When he became director, two decades later, its finances were desperate.
Per capita income was declining rapidly, and boomers were straining the finances of a largely welfare-driven state.
She had a shrewd head for business and handled their finances skillfully.
Everything can be going good for awhile, finances are strong, everyone's enjoying it.
Transit agencies face budget deficits and the choice of cutting service or increasing fares to balance their finances.
The site would also encourage its customers not to purchase knockoffs, because that finances terrorism and the drug trade.
Their difficulty may stem from the tricky finances involved.
To focus on corporate finances, though, is to miss a larger point.
He spent it on a campaign to straighten out the state's finances.
They also looked at the impact of mental health help on the rate and duration of employment and on family finances.
The increasing costs of driving, meanwhile, have put great pressure on suburban family finances.
The spiral gets out of control, and the state's finances are wrecked.
Thus, a levy on currency exchanges would generate significant funds and help stabilize finances.
If they are, they'd better get a better grip on the country's finances.
The one thing you learn from history is that inattention to national finances is the surest sign of decay in global power.
But he's trying not to let the storm wreck his long-term finances, too.
But you need finances to be able to do that type of research.
No one is going to gamble their finances away for something that has a low potential for success.
Some listeners firmly believe that people eat and drink and smoke more when their finances are bleak.
Poverty is the lack of finances to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The economy has clearly taken a toll on many people, especially on their finances.
My old university was not offering pay increases and it became increasingly difficult to keep up with finances.
Chalk it up to experience and learn to be better stewards of your own finances.
Flexible-spending accounts are to personal finances what yoga is to your body.
Several attendees agreed that finances are shaping more and more families' college choices.
She noted that the university's finances have provided discipline to the strategic plan.
For finances, the key is endowment per student and the acceptance ratio.
Even then, interest-rate subsidies make their loans a drain on the public finances.
The shrinking of the financial sector may have caused a permanent dent in the public finances.
They must honour guarantees they have given in the past, even if these put their finances under strain.
Exports are strong, public finances are more stable, and currencies more flexible.
But as the drama of the day fades, some turn out to be less about the public finances and more about politics.
Now that these countries are trying to get their finances in order, bringing down rates of tax evasion is a high priority.
Public finances are in reasonable shape, and last year's budget surplus was much larger than expected.
Thus they need not reveal anything about their finances or their governance, and are largely unaccountable to the public.
He's so incredibly independent that he won't let anyone handle his finances.
However a common tactic is to have a levy on lubricant sales which finances a collection agency.
The industries surrounding agriculture and trade kept the city's finances as stable as possible, and employed thousands of people.
Unemployment is minimal and government finances are relatively sound.
With great trials were mingled petty inconveniences arising from derangement of the country's finances.
From what you write me about the present calamitous state of your finances, what you want is naturally impossible.
The chef has made fund-raising for the children's programs he finances personal, too.
However nobody can use finances as an excuse for not vaccinating their kids.
All everyone seems to care about is how will this affect me or my finances.
The finances of our country are more important to me than whether someone is an advocate of non-science.
Yet many of the children's adventures have to do with attempts to improve the family's finances.
We are both functioning adults with our own finances.
The stressful effects of a faltering economy, skyrocketing unemployment and precarious personal finances can be dire.
To counter boredom and shore up recession-crimped finances, a retirement career can be a win-win.
She dreams of becoming an actress, so boyfriend finances a film for her.
On the field the finances become, if anything, more bewildering.
Answers to frequently asked questions about inmate finances.
Starting up a business can be a tremendous strain on your personal finances.
Payday loans appeal to younger consumers, people with limited understanding of finances and those who are deep in debt.

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