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It would have been a fairly simple matter for someone to finance a loan for a locker facility.
She'll be in on all the high-level groups of finance, business and government.
My previous degrees are in a non business or finance related area.
They could make enough money in a couple of weeks to finance an expedition that lasted months.
Don't use my tax money to finance the investigation into this fantasy.
The economic crisis is altering the landscape of global finance.
For the third year running, business and finance dominated much of the news.
Many economists are turning to ideas in physics to describe the complexities of business, finance and trade.
Our political system pours money into war and tax breaks while relying on deficit finance.
Information about finance and capital for small businesses.
The world now has a chance to make finance work better.
And some credit card companies won't finance gaming habits.
Click on the items below to add tasks to your personal finance checklist.
But the finance industry has escaped almost entirely unscathed.
The fashion community is thriving, and design, and finance.
However, by his senior year, he realized that he wanted to study economics and finance rather than engineering.
Most technology reporters are not experts in finance and the stock market.
Finance ought to provide an economy with an efficient means of allocating capital.
But in no area of human activity is so much faith placed in such flimsy science as finance.
Bankers and finance directors have had to be particularly nimble.
To fund it, legislators levied a tax on chemical and petroleum industries to finance cleanup of toxic dumps nationwide.
There is no more guarantee that you can keep your valuable inventions, unless you have the means to finance and secure them.
Create a role for private finance to drive sustainable fisheries.
Also frightening was the suggestion that a career in law or finance should be more financially rewarding.
Be clear that the objective is to foster an entrepreneurial finance ecosystem, not to directly provide capital to entrepreneurs.
Finance authorities were told to consider tax measures to discourage plastic bag production and sale.
There's a couple of ways to finance it and there's more coming.
The foundation plans to finance a sterilization program on the island to reduce the stray overpopulation.
Also, finance start-up companies and support existing small and medium-size clean energy businesses.
Treasury should be immediately apply this adhesive to all currency printed to bail out the finance industry.
Privatizing the housing finance system would increase the likelihood of government bailouts, not prevent them.
Packer and his colleagues believe a portion of the profits could finance both conservation of the animals and their habitat.
The rising cost of college tuition has many parents wondering how they will finance their children's education.
The finance guys' big problem, however, is a potential gold mine for academia.
The networks finance hundreds of pilot projects every year, and each one can cost millions to produce.
The investment and finance sectors can benefit from linked data, too.
Tricky diagnoses abound, whether the field is medicine, auto repair or high finance.
The word finance is a slavish word, unknown in the city-state.
He may be a pedler in the mountains, but the world will find him out to make him a king of finance.
It had its origin in the necessities of disordered finance, prostrate commerce, and ruined credit.
In fact his first, urgent task is to remake finance.
Micro-finance has already introduced financial markets for the poor.
Municipalities are familiar with this kind of municipal project finance structure, so it is not difficult to expand it rapidly.
There are incredible redundancies in the finance and insurance areas that make everything more expensive for everybody.
He's racing through ideas in marketing, environment and finance, and swinging in his chair as he goes.
He's even helped finance and build a community parking lot.
We urgently need funding to finance further expeditions to remote areas that may have healthy parrot populations.
The apartment's owner, a father of two who works in finance, anxiously oversees the investigation.
The corporate income tax encourages firms to use debt finance, rather than equity.
Throughout the recession, the unemployment rate in finance and insurance has been substantially below that of the nation overall.
Four of the six charges are related to campaign finance laws.
Plus, many of the big law firms levered up in staffing for the real estate and finance industries.
Economics only has finance as its companion engineering discipline, and the success of finance is less than stellar.
The biofuels market provides a way to finance the job.
Many people working in this area have a sufficient math and physics background to go into, say, finance.
The first author is pleased, intends to leave science for finance.
In finance, actions can be both individually prudent and collectively disastrous.
He briefly worked selling mutual funds to finance his art.
Right now, the easier a project looks to market, the easier it is to finance.
Describes the four layers of markings in the painting, many of which implicitly refer to the history of finance capitalism.
We want college students to be able to finance their education at reasonable rates.
But these strategies alone rarely close the finance gap.
One idea in the world of finance is that the volatility of a market is a good measure of the risks it represents.
Advanced gadgets need to be expensive to begin with to finance development.
We don't seem to be able to create new nuclear reactor types because no one wants to finance one.
High cost for fuel will probably mean less than stable conditions world-wide, making transport and finance less reliable.
Berry took a seat at that conference table with no formal training in finance but a track record in technology.
It's not obvious how such companies can best finance the development and commercialization of their products.
Yet to accomplish this will require more than campaign-finance and lobbying reform, because such fixes are so readily undone.
He made his personal tax lawyer minister of economy and finance.

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