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Finally, attach a small tray to keep accessories close at hand.
Finally, a pumpkin pie for those who can't eat dairy products.
Finally she planted agaves, aloes, and other species to cover the slope without blocking ocean views.
Thanks heaven she finally got around to it: the results are wonderful.
She found herself spending more and more time in the garden and, finally, walked away from her career.
Finally he called a neighbor to come over and join the daily trek.
Finally, a warm river of molten dark chocolate flows into molds to cool into shiny slabs for eating or cooking.
Finally, it goes almost without saying that bee gardens should be kept free of pesticides.
Finally, cut the plants back by about two-thirds and transplant them into the garden.
Finally a book that goes into great detail about drip irrigation.
Finally, the pumpkin cheesecakes call for something dramatic, something with pizzazz.
We are finally settled-in having moved back up the north of the state.
Finally, it turns out that location is as important in gardening as it is in real estate.
Finally, try to keep some free water available during prolonged subfreezing weather.
And it looks as though our saffron crocuses, which failed totally last year, are finally going to blossom.
Finally, when resistance develops to today's pills-as it surely will-new ones will be needed.
But of course by that time it will all be different and the economic cycle will finally defy gravity.
They will finally be able to reform their government hopefully to a more pro- west belief system though.
It's as if something has always been in your mind that you could never share and, finally, there was a screen for you to show it.
Finally, regarding the fact that they have a ratio relatively weak of deposits against the amount of loans they give, fair enough.
But for such a well-rehearsed exercise, the announcement when it finally came was oddly low-key.
Genetic research finally makes its way into the thinking of sociologists.
Finally, there is the burnout that comes from working year-round.
Continuing education, long neglected in academe, is finally stepping into the limelight.
Finally, candidates must have a record of success in the effective linkage of financial aid to student enrollment and retention.
Finally he decides he has finished his painting and that it rivals nature in its perfection.
Finally, a true theory of change has to be verifiable.
Finally, universities have remarkable collections, whether these are contained in libraries or museums or art galleries.
When she finally recognized him, she dashed over in her wedge heels and tried to drag him from the stage.
We all have nightmares in which no one ever asks a question, though usually someone finally does.
There can be an awkward moment after the introducer suddenly stops and it's my turn to finally start speaking.
When the results were finally published, she was missing from the list of authors.
Finally, consider volunteering with a local college's student-affairs division.
The sub then slid back into the water stern-first before finally coming to rest on the surface.
We were warned off by the police and told not to do it and finally found a guide.
We were finally going kayaking on this kayaking expedition.
Months of planning and anticipation have finally winnowed to days.
Finally, they even started attacking adults-a shocking sight never before photographed.
Finally, have children write the word on a piece of paper.
Finally, as individuals and teams, students will deliver their presentations to the panel.
After rising much of last year, used car prices are finally sliding.
After a big rise, wholesale prices of used cars are finally starting to fall a little.
We finally had to send him to one of the big hospitals in the rear.
From childhood he was afflicted with a tuberculous disease which finally necessitated the amputation of a foot.
The protests of the exiled governor became weaker and weaker, and he finally retired from public notice.
Mysterious, brilliantly glowing blobs of gas in the furthest reaches of the universe have finally been explained by astronomers.
It seems there's finally some good news for the ozone layer.
The treatments prescribed ranged from a bland diet to drugs that blocked stomach acid production to, finally, surgery.
And a few congratulated us for finally seeing the light.
And when these were finally applied to starlings, they revealed patterns known less from biology than cutting-edge physics.
After years of fits and starts, the market for robot housemaids finally seems to be taking off.
Finally, he remembered his parents hadn't dragged him to abandoned forts, but had bought him a bike and turned him loose.
Every great cause has its galvanic moment, when the world finally takes notice.
As the last snippet is finally removed, the relief is palpable.
Now the public can finally see the exhibits for themselves.
Finally, the desperate editor sent an equally desperate illustrator to search out the writer.
He would recognize the cost of his abuses against nature, and he would finally begin to try to make amends.
Finally, place them on top of a paper towel to absorb excess grease.
Years of alarming decline have finally halted for a shorebird that undertakes one of the world's longest migrations.
Studies of chimpanzees finally give southpaws a fair shake.
Two weeks later, he finally woke up and returned to normal life.
Finally, the air is turned back on, and-voilĂ -the mouse is back to sniffing and munching.
As neuroscientists learn more about the biological basis of pain, the situation is finally beginning to change.
One positive side effect of the media frenzy is that autism science is finally getting its due.
Within a week his heart function improved, and the telltale hand twitching that had bothered him so much was finally gone.
Those signals switch on a series of genes, which finally cause neurons in the hippocampus to build the receptors.
Finally, his work done, he takes the tablet down to the archive.
At first, he can't make out the name on it, but when he finally does he is shocked.
It took ten days' effort before it was finally plugged, with cement slurry.
When the diners finally file out, the corpse of a lion is sprawled across the table.
He finally persuaded the nurses to kick her out, and he recovered fully.
After you finally reach the other side of the curtains, you're in a lounge with a tuxedoed host from another era.
Stats climbed when deregulatory policies were introduced to boost farm production, but they've finally stalled.
Held without charges for seven years, he was finally freed when a federal judge reviewed the evidence against him.
Finally the object was revealed: the mechanical baseball game that consumed thousands of hours of my boyhood.
Perhaps that will focus attention, finally, on the underlying problem.
Windmills may finally be ready to compete with fossil-fuel generators.
Voice recognition that finally holds up its end of a conversation is revolutionizing customer service.
After years of controversy, a therapy based on human embryonic stem cells is finally being tested in humans.
Radio frequency identification technology is finally coming into its own.
And finally, these effects must switch on at a specific critical temperature.
Now astrophysicists say they've finally discovered this long-fabled belt of antiprotons.
Finally, the top layer sports a different type of conducting polymer that absorbs mostly blue and green light.
Finally, the administration needs to have an unbiased strategy for lending its financial support to this sector.
Finally, the grains that comprise the livestock diet have been refined by methods that are energy-intensive as well as polluting.
The corn was finally dry and ready for harvest after a rainy summer.
He finally devised a muffin shortcake that absorbs plenty of berry juice but doesn't disintegrate.
After two years of doing business, he was finally invited into the kitchen for coffee.
And finally, be patient when browning-don't turn too soon or often-and adjust the heat if needed.
Finally, after soaking it in vinegar, he cooks it in wine.
After a string of long weekends and some medium-level family neglect, the prototype finally takes shape.
Finally, after representing these two totals as a ratio, you check a different chart to see if it falls into an acceptable range.
Well, it's taken more than two years, but the yacht has finally been floated free.
Fall has arrived, and it's finally time to say good-bye to the scents of summer.
There was finally a slowdown in the disappearing act done by the seeded players.
Finally, he was the owner or part-owner of several companies that had exclusive contracts to do business with the city.
Finally, after sale, no advance review copies were sent out: the bomb was to explode all at once.
Finally, there have been no studies made on the long-range effects of the administration of amphetamines to children.
Finally, he fails to consider how the development of guidelines can be improved.

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