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Example sentences for finality

The panel was supposed to bring some finality to a yearlong debate over spending.
The bay scene is changing, though, and there's an air of finality to it now.
What checkers lacks in breadth, it makes up in precision and finality.
So using a period gives a certain air of finality to a statement.
Shots that were stroked with an air of finality now inexplicably stray into.
Advocates of unanimity argue that it reinforces the court's authority and gives finality to the law.
In this presidential election, the court's finality is a much-needed virtue.
Most people who are serving life in prison have reached the finality of due process.
In general, there's no sense of finality here, of the government stepping in and taking charge of the situation.
Shots that were stroked with an air of finality now inexplicably stray into the net or land at points unknown.
They are performances of such quality and sincerity that they have a sense of contentment and finality.
Ice often carries a sense of finality, an absence of life, a lack of motion.
Rehnquist's argument boiled down to a simple idea: the need for finality in legal proceedings can sometimes trump fairness.
Obviously, there has to be judicial finality: otherwise the courts would be so busy they would be rendered useless.
We have to come to grips with the finality of our end without the aid of any comforting fairy tales.
From the point of view of the defendant, it is different in both its severity and its finality.
They don't understand its finality, and often believe they have the power to cause or prevent it.
But with the latter, finality can be eternally elusive.
It's one we've learned before, but never with such finality.
So there it is, in all its inarguable finality: he will never come back.
Haynes wasn't prepared for the suddenness and finality of the disaster that had overtaken him.
After a few minutes, his interpreter snaps his notebook shut with authoritative finality.
There must be something in us that wants finality, the dramatically satisfying capper to a star's life.
Youngsters may not fully understand the finality of their action.
One might go so far as to say marginalia reveal the human desire not to accept finality.
There is no direct operational relationship between the appeals process and administrative finality.
Finality of an administrative law judge's decision.
These situations include administrative finality and notices with protective filing, due process, or appeal language.
Court decisions supersede regulations on administrative finality.

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