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Below is a montage of scenes from the series finale.
The book subsides in the end into a pile of aphorisms, but this is not a displeasing finale.
The fireworks were absolutely gorgeous, and the finale was quite dramatic.
Burn the mouth, warm the stomach and burn again as they make their exit in a grande finale.
Pineapple-coconut tartlets make a refreshing finale.
The importance of those phrases will become clear as the show nears its finale.
The big finale capped a convention that began as a mixed bag.
Light and airy, these souffl├ęs are the perfect finale for a romantic evening.
It was an oddly quiet finale for a phenomenon that had been ushered in with all the fanfare of the millennium.
It is vital to understand that this third finale is not a nightmare dreamt up by editorial writers.
It's also the perfect stage for a magnificent grand finale.
It is to this day considered an essential part of the repertoire of all tap dancers, especially as a finale.
It was a tip-off to season three's time-bending finale.
She spins and waves at the fiddler, who plays louder and faster as they build up to the grand finale.
It was an engaging show with a socko finale, when the honorees appeared in all their mature glory.
For our hike's grand finale, a waterfall created a beautiful terrace up into the forested mountainside.
Yet it was impossible beforehand to imagine how he would handle the finale.
It was not such an awful finale for mailer to have pictured after all.
Then came the finale, a race between four veteran porkers.
The financial collapse was the grand finale of fraud, impoverishing everyone and wildly enriching the top.
Trays of chocolate-dipped dried apricots and peaches make a sweet and festive finale.
The crowd sings along until the finale, the pasta cook-off, in which four volunteers race the clock to whip up fresh tagliatelle.
Some customers bring blankets and boxed lunches, for which ice cream provides the grand finale.
The following week will be their two-part season finale.
Its finale describes an oath of allegiance that will be honored for generations.
We've met fewer than a dozen times-this was the finale, but only the seventh episode-and have been largely confined to parlors.
In the upcoming season finale, a contestant must race atop a moving train without falling off.
At the finale, baguettes bombarded the stage as part of the audience ovation.
Until a walking tour-with booze, of course-on the season finale.
Where that mission to space in the series finale really changed him.

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