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The final phase involved leasing an isolated farmhouse.
First-generation drugs are now in the final phase of human testing.
We're in the final stretch of installing all the wiring.
Several artists around the world have found their muse in the final menus of doomed convicts.
Background checks will be conducted on the final candidates.
The final point concerns outside advice: the column warns against taking it too seriously.
Watch as brilliantly colored salmon brave bears and other hazards to make their final journey.
One final tip: make sure your dining companions are also menudo fans.
While in no way knocking his former boss, he gave himself full credit for the final victory.
Those lines and colors, so clear and confident on the final product, reflect a host of difficult choices and compromises.
The final irony is that they could be crafted only with substantial funds, and patronage became critical.
Tornadoes are one of the final meteorological frontiers for scientists to conquer.
The final product, a hopefully delicious one at that.
Starting with her photo of a red beetle, she overlaid a shot of a concrete wall to create the textured surface of the final image.
As a final touch, sprinkle some fresh thyme leaves over this deeply flavored dish.
As the final days ticked by, a dust storm on the planet erupted, reducing the density of the upper atmosphere.
The final step was to explore promising areas and dig.
And various lengths of rusty pipe are the final touch.
And see you next week for more environmental news and the final quiz.
Final selection will be based upon a successful interview and background check.
The routers shunt incoming messages to links heading toward the messages' final destinations.
That's why cones are used to contain chickens in their final moments.
The fact that these two asked what their final grade was is an illustration of this.
On the final dive of the trip, the scanning sonar detected a large object on the seafloor.
In fact, our posts are the final determinant of correct answers.
In others, he left too soon to see the ball's final position.
Silicon is expensive, contributing more than half to the final price of a solar photovoltaic.
Its final melting takes place when it reaches the hot food.
Top with another cake layer and spread with some of frosting, then top with final cake layer.
Now a diverse body of research is shedding new light on those final desperate years.
The project's final report, released only months ago, summarizes the main findings of dozens of studies.
Eventually the last survivor from a once-mighty stand reaches the end and casts a final seed.
Weeks later, a final ultrasound showed that the sac was gone as well.
The final go-ahead for the telescope's construction is expected later this year.
His final step would be to combine all the techniques into one injectable brew.
The final products are excreted by the bacteria and then float to the top of the fermentation vat before being siphoned off.
The final step will be to replace the phone's operating system itself.
The final result: three strains of corn, each of which produces an enzyme essential to the complete breakdown of cellulose.
She practiced all spring, and the next fall she was named to the varsity team, which went to the final four our senior year.
The quality of the final nano product depends on achieving the right balance of properties in the printing materials.
What a lot of people think is interesting about biological materials is looking at the final structure.
To do this, the energy of the final shape has to be lower than the starting energy and all the steps in between.
The longer the focal length of a system, the larger the final image will appear.
The final resting ground for a technology is antiquity.
The company hasn't made a final decision on what the reader's storage capacity will be.
They then discarded all scenarios in which the planets collided or did not end up in the correct final order.
Determining the final cost of this film is a trick in itself.
His relationship with an under-age belly dancer, plus charges of a cover-up, may be the final straw.
Postponing the final outcome makes any progress hostage to extremists on both sides.
They are about the common world, as well as the final loneliness from which the common world cannot protect us.
It will cease to be so, but not now, only after the final victory of the world socialist revolution.
The perfect end-of-year post would be a final installment about the perfect cartoon.
But the council did not release the final list for three more days, at midnight.
The president's deficit commission released its final recommendation for reducing the debt and reforming the budget this morning.
Joyfully he feels his final separation from all that does not truly and wholly pertain to himself.
Yet the stylish and sudden turns feel entirely natural this week and make the final twists more thrilling than maddening.
The last session really did nothing which can be considered final as to these questions.
The final operation will be simply the printing out of the solution to the problem.
We've added a final article that demonstrates the longevity of the controversy over tobacco use.

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