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Example sentences for filtration

Water filtration is important, so it's a good idea to buy the best filter you can afford.
The water is piped to a filtration plant and then to a heat-transfer station on the lakeside.
Water used to irrigate food crops must undergo secondary filtration and disinfection.
Standard distillation or filtration techniques could extract the alcohol from the water.
We also make many events greener by offering convenient point of use filtration systems and dispensers.
The fabric, developed for use in filtration systems, is machine washable.
One result can be a dark line around the perimeter of the room, known as filtration soiling.
Chemical and filtration systems to neutralise it are its biggest cost.
They say failure to use filtration can result in permanent eye damage or even blindness.
Unfortunately there wasn't enough space in this article to get into the proposed filtration system.
Typically, coal companies construct filtration ponds to capture sediments and valley-fill runoff.
Fresh water can be extracted, however, using a filtration process known as reverse osmosis.
The invention consists of mounting electrodes in the pipes of the pool's water filtration system.
They've since managed to get a water filtration system, and the water is clear.
It is impossible to remove it entirely with filtration.
They keep salt out of their systems through root filtration.
Even pollen and dust are more dangerous as when you account for winter and air filtration systems giving our lungs a break.
The author admits the points that sink it: filtration and manual sorting.
Swimming officials said the problem was in the pool's filtration system.
Those include advanced filtration systems and special towers to remove ammonia.
Filtration before chlorination is needed to rid water supplies of the cysts.
Ariel instead uses a cold filtration process called reverse osmosis, a technology originally developed for desalinization.
Forests provide natural filtration and storage systems that process and deliver nearly two-thirds of the world's fresh water.
East of the cottages, a unique eco-friendly water-filtration system cleans brook water for the lodge's use.
The system decontaminates urine via membrane filtration and ultraviolet radiation.
Filtration is essential, and the ice should be clear.
Sandstone, granite and other absorbent rocks give me an idea for filtration.
Filtration, in contrast, is attractive because it's simple.
The fermented mash is pumped into a whisky still where it flows through horizontal filtration plates.
There is some rather natural filtration in the alteration of language.
Use a water purification method such as boiling, filtration, or iodine treatment before drinking surface water.
If you are paddling on salt water, bring extra purified water or a filtration system.
Its exceptionally clean water can be consumed with little if any filtration.
The system uses membrane bioreactor technology in conjunction with filtration technology.
Any difference in quality comes from the purity of the water and the alcohol, and from the manner and amount of filtration.
Biological filters, which combine mechanical and bacterial filtration, help.
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