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In short, natural gas may burn clean, but extracting it is extremely filthy.
It could also make clean firms a lot of filthy cash.
Soon you'll be doing filthy tricks that you once dreamed were insurmountable.
Pigs are disgusting filthy creatures that should phased out of our food chain.
She leans casually on her spinning frame, staring out at the camera, dressed in a filthy work smock.
Some of what the sink spectators witnessed was, well, filthy.
He's made a lot of his employees filthy rich as well--but they, of course, are all professional mathematicians by training.
He found the city filthy and anarchic, and with a businessman's can-do spirit, he cleaned it up.
Shortly you'll be executing filthy stunts that you once concluded were insurmountable.
She held one up to the light, squinted at a filthy smudge-and was astonished to see ghostly faces staring back at her.
For us, part of the machismo of working on cars is getting filthy.
Shortly you'll be taking on filthy stunts that you once concluded were inconceivable.
They have tons of filthy polluting diesel buses driving fat tourists around.
Shortly you'll be doing filthy tricks that you once concluded were unachievable.
She appears to be sleeping under a filthy brown sheet.
Legion of extraordinary filthy beards with mild suicidal tendencies.
Shortly you'll be accomplishing filthy stunts that you once dreamed were unachievable.
But then again, the oil industry is quite powerful and politicians feed freely at their trough of filthy money.
We are going to be so filthy rich, it is ridiculous.
Before long you'll be taking on filthy stunts that you once speculated were unachievable.
And if you're chuckling right now, you have a filthy mind.
Before long you'll be creating filthy tricks that you once thought were impossible.
Leave your puppy unattended for long enough and it'll become so filthy and distressed that it'll run away.
Shortly you'll be creating filthy stunts that you once concluded were out of the question.
Eventually and at long last, this filthy goblin won the day.
Before long you'll be accomplishing filthy tricks that you once concluded were inconceivable.
Shortly you'll be achieving filthy stunts that you once thought were unachievable.
He dresses in filthy clothing and eats what he can find.
The train was filthy and there was no respite from the dirt and heat.
My driver said that, a few weeks before, there was a filthy stream running from the pipes into the water.
In my house, three or four of them are already filthy from use.
Flows would be screened to remove big chunks, but filthy water would remain untreated.
These chairs were upholstered in white and absolutely filthy.
Wonder if he will do the right for once in his filthy life by disclosing his share of the spoils was and where it is stashed away.
But what's good for them isn't necessarily good for you, no matter how much filthy lucre they throw your way.
By contrast, they were bone-weary, filthy and underfed.
It's got nothing to do with our parents being filthy rich.
Burning fossil fuels is a filthy habit, and the supply won't last forever.
Don't forget to clean off the contacts on your games if they look filthy.
Clicking on them revealed photos of an apartment interior-a bedroom, a kitchen, a filthy living room.
Although the engine was filthy and covered with all sorts of spider webs and nests of various kinds, it was intact.
Burning natural gas may be cleaner than burning coal, but the back-story to getting it is filthy.
To showcase stolen pieces aids and abets a filthy, violent and illegal business.
Without insects, this world would be a filthy place.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but space is filthy.
There was water at this spot-filthy, stagnant water full of pig feces and urine.
Don't even worry about how filthy your hands must be.
Wearing plastic bags around their legs, they bunched together and waded shin-deep through the filthy water.
Surveyors came across filthy or unsafe conditions in almost half the units they checked.
Bruises covered her body, her hair was filthy and matted, and her eyes were dead.
One will think it too filthy, and the other perhaps too much pains, to make clean his stockings.
He has dreams, too, nightmares about filthy pelting storms and attacks by mysterious strangers on him and his family.
Under the weight of the shoes, the pole bends obscenely, and she scolds us for our filthy minds.
My fingernails are filthy and my toes are stuck together with mud.
Because for the beasts over there, a filthy yid is what one remains.
Filthy and lethargic, he sat by the fire, aimlessly whittling away at small sticks and turning them into barbed hooks.
Unfortunately, coal is as filthy as it is cheap and abundant.
Afterward, the melting snow was filthy with a dust made of brittle bits of elm leaf.
The only thing more hateful than the filthy rich may be the filthy poor.
It lets them sell a whole lot more filthy radioactive radon gas spewing natural gas.
He is going to be one filthy gumdrop when all is said and done.
Then you rinse and repeat, over and over until the whole of your once-filthy body is clean.
But the design's efficiency is what makes it so filthy.
Jerry cans of water, which is often filthy, cost four times more than a year ago.
Some of the resistance is principled, but much comes from the people who do well out of today's filthy system.
In the winter you can watch the snow get filthy with soot after only a few days.
Finally violent reaction of filthy personal attacks.
On the ground floor in the south tower the restaurant site lies filthy and abandoned.
So far the early returns are promising, if not downright filthy.
If you worked with typewriters, you're familiar with the flimsy, filthy filament.
From the time they know what smoking is, kids are told that it's a filthy, dangerous habit that they should avoid at all costs.
All money, it turns out, could stand to be laundered: the stuff is filthy.
The labels blame us, the customers, for being such filthy music pirates.
Here's how other waterways have fared since their filthy conditions were plunged into the spotlight.
Being a genius investor has its rewards besides making one filthy rich.
When rains flooded the streets, many employees chose to stay the night rather than wade through the filthy water.
Even the rescuers had to be rescued from the hidden caves, the shifting rubble, the filthy air.
The lot next to mine is filthy and no work is ever done.
Wearing clothes that are filthy, torn, or not suited for the weather.
Living in filthy, unsanitary, or hazardous conditions.
Shelters are often filthy, dangerous, and crime-ridden.

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