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Example sentences for filmy

They can be large or small, fluffy and feathered or transparent and filmy, delicate or tough.
The pinkish-white grotto salamander adults have eyes that are tiny, partly or completely blind, and covered with a filmy skin.
Filmy white shades diffuse sunlight through the sitting area-helped by pale fabrics and rugs.
Perhaps a filmy material could be created with similar properties.
Her rare moments of ecstasy, when she stands on one leg and glues up her round eyes with filmy eyelids, are stunningly disgusting.
By a hired cook at home while you jaunt around the park in a filmy, ruffled dress, maybe.
Her nudity is emphasized by her jewels and filmy veils.
Of concern is the removal of a filmy residue that can typically form after wiping the surface.

Famous quotes containing the word filmy

A filmy trash Litters the black woods with the death Of men; and one last breath Curls from the monstrous ... more
Thy sweet child Sleep, the filmy-eyed, Murmured like a noontide bee, Shall I nestle near thy side? Wouldst ... more
But before the extremity of the Cape had completely sunk, it appeared like a filmy sliver of land lying fla... more
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