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Drop water on a surface treated with the coating, and it rapidly spreads out, creating a thin film.
Note: the first fifteen seconds or so of the film are intentionally dark.
Many homeowners and renters can benefit from lower heating and cooling bills by installing solar window film.
But there is some kind of magic about this whale and the film that you don't want to miss.
And career changing-Di left the film biz for garden design.
There are still a few things film cameras do that digital cameras don't.
Cultural storytelling through film and still photography.
The film focuses on four uninfected people and their struggle to survive.
Several major film preservation projects have been in the news recently.
Film might not be dead, but it has been relegated to a niche category.
Film students aren't the only ones producing videos for homework these days.
Digital cameras today offer superb image quality that competes directly with film.
All it requires are a laser pointer, some polarizing film and a few household objects.
Film festivals used to have two seasons, roughly spring and fall.
The maverick billionaire blogger wants to take the film out of the film industry.
She founded several stylish signature events at the college, including film and fashion shows.
Behind many an expedition lies the challenge of capturing it on film.
Film studios could also use the technology for special effects.
The film festival serves up a cornucopia of both gripe- and gawk-worthy technology this year.
The film he created was not only edible and transparent, but it was also a barrier to moisture and a better barrier to oxygen.
If it's surprising how ephemeral film can be, survival rates for video processes are even more alarming.
In the wintertime, when heating is necessary, the film is removed.
But there was more to the story than was captured on film.
Our readers may be curious what kind of equipment you used to film the sloths.
Some of my students want to make a film about our university to be shown during parents weekends and at other events.
How the film industry itself will be transformed as performance capture becomes more widespread is unclear.
Contrary to popular belief, some people still shoot on film.
Hacking a feature film down to size can be a daunting task.
Most scientists sought a solution by first creating a thin film from vaporized metals and then testing the films for conductivity.
It is about a tormented writer who is working on a book about a silent film star.
The roll film is the best, as the film pack sticks together and the stubs pull off in the moist, hot climate.
The finished film is now available for viewing at the library.
It was the highest-grossing film of the year, and helped inspire an entire genre of movies about aviation.
Of course no film can take place in the absolute present because the medium is by necessity recorded.
Living dinosaurs-it's an enthralling concept that so many of us have dreamed about, and we're due for another great dinosaur film.
The device, a so-called electroluminescent thin film, glows in response to applied pressure.
Lawyers and agents scheme to ensure that their stars take a cut of a film's proceeds before anybody else gets to the pie.
The film industry is something that has not been exactly strong in a lot of places.
They might also pave the way for flexible thin-film solar cells and bright, roll-up color displays.
The first commercial product to incorporate dye-sensitized thin-film solar cells will soon be on the market.
The researchers then sprayed gold onto the silk film, using tiny stencils to create different patterns all along the film.
The researchers simply rub one layer in the solar-cell film with a cloth to align all the molecules in one direction.
The current structure is hierarchical: film units set licensing limits on what can be done in games based on their properties.
So these thin-film batteries have been limited to use in small devices.
That's because the beams move too fast to be captured on film.
The trend is being fueled partly by improvements in the digital sensors that capture images in lieu of film.
The backpacks are built from three thin layers of polymer film.
The wires are embedded in an adhesive and aligned on a plastic film.
The idea was to make a high adventure film for children.
Throughout all the running, panting and bloodletting, the film never loses sight of its primary lesson.
Some film directors are more autobiographical than others.
Well, it makes for an emotional take on the apocalyptic film genre.

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