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Susan rummages around for a cod and cuts off a fillet.
Those who catch their own can have vendors fillet and wrap the fish.
The researchers' approach is to technically fillet systems and then suggest ingenious but pragmatic solutions.
Slide a whole salmon fillet onto the grill, along with vegetable skewers.
If the fillet is to be cooked on a hot clean grill, place the fillet on the grill.
Fillet steaks were sliced from the spine and the bones were smashed to get out the marrow.
Run the fingers lengthwise down the center of each fillet.
Cut and stack each fish fillet as needed to fit at the base of a leaf, leaving enough leaf open to enclose the fish.
Roll trout fillet over the mousse, stand it up and smooth the mousse on top.
What you are served is a fillet of white fish in a moat of white broth in a white bowl.
Whole chicken served without the skin, lean fillet of beef and whole fish, fillets or fish steaks are best for poaching.
It is particularly good on chicken, any fish steak or fillet.
Put one fish fillet in the center of each dinner plate.
Cut the salmon fillet crosswise into four rectangular pieces weighing a half pound each.
Place a fillet on each piece of foil, skin side down if there is skin on the fish.
Spoon an equal portion of the scallop mixture on each fillet.
The fillet is browned in butter, then braised in cream.
Top each fillet with a rosemary branch and several slices of lemon.
Peel the skin from the top side of the fish, lift the fillet from the bones and put on a platter.
The family does not seek sustenance in a rare tenderloin but in an underdone undercut or fillet.
Wandering round a supermarket-warm, gorgeously lit-corridors of open fridges full of tiger prawns and fillet steak.
Try the salmon fillet with asparagus risotto or a two-course fixed-price lunch.
Peel the tough skin from catfish with pliers and fillet the meat or cut it into chunks.
The asphalt fillet provides a safer roadway edge, and a stronger interface between the roadway and the shoulder.
The effects of harvesting and hauling on the blood physiology and fillet quality of adult channel catfish.

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Took a few herbs and apples, and the Day Turned and departed silent. I, too late, Under her solemn fillet s... more
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