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In he rushed, despatched a messenger for me, and began a single-handed filibuster.
The bill did not win enough votes to break a filibuster.
Filibuster- and hold-happy legislators can prevent qualified appointees from taking their positions for months.
If filibuster reform is to be serious, such myths must be shattered, which won't be easy.
With the help of the filibuster, the opponents of health care reform came close to defeating it politically.
One party is using the filibuster much more than the other.
They'll obstruct through endless amendments, not a filibuster.
Using the filibuster to delay debate or block legislation has a long history.
They filibuster nominees who get voted through unanimously when the vote is finally held.
Instead, determining whether a filibuster is occurring in any specific case typically requires a degree of subjective judgment.
President, reserving the right to object, under the filibuster.
The bill was eventually set aside when it became apparent the filibuster would continue indefinitely.
Level the playing field between the majority and the minority on cloture, which is the vote to break a filibuster.

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With all the surgical skill and the vital rays lavished on him he should talk like a—like a congressman at a fil... more
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