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Example sentences for filet

For fancier tastes, there's spice-crusted filet mignon and maple-glazed duck.
When it's time to eat, filet mignon dinners reward a day of roughing it in the wilderness.
Most cooks focus on the difference between filet mignon and rib eye.
Apparently, this also discourages impulse shoppers who stick the filet mignon in their cart and trot it up to the register.
Yes manned flight is infinitely more expensive than unmanned drones, but filet mignon is considerably more expensive than gruel.
Why don't you western people stop driving cars, stop eating only chicken filet.
We also enjoyed the pike filet cooked in a tangy red-pepper sauce.
Rub each filet with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.
There is a saté, for instance, made with filet mignon.
In the company of such cuts, the filet mignon seems almost lean, except that it's the size of a cantaloupe.
So much for glistening filet mignon and mouth-watering lobster.
Dishes include hot and spicy snapper, filet mignon, smoked beef brisket and pork ribs.
Combination platters include a mixture of such items as shrimp, filet mignon, lobster and steak.
Using cracked peppercorns, coat both sides of salmon pressing pepper into filet well.
Lightly season shad filet, and dust with fresh parsley.
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