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Computer file system search tools can only help us find what we're looking for.
It's true that, when the file was opened, this and that line of code in the computer program was executed.
At the time, her parents tried to file a claim with that government-created system.
It was a really odd place to work, a lot of famous people who were writers in name only, they'd file their stories over the phone.
File transfer is another area where new approaches will be required.
Or they take photos of each meal and the caloric content is automatically logged into a file.
You've probably even tried to use it to download a file using a link somebody sent you.
Changes in file formats can affect the size of your music files.
The recording industry's lawsuit campaign may have forced some would-be file swappers off of peer-to-peer networks.
The challenge is how to minimise the number of copies of the same file that have to be distributed.
File sharing doesn't have to be about indiscriminate trading with anonymous strangers.
The fracas over file sharing has prompted many proposals, but no grand solution.
Each state has different laws about whether and how municipalities may file for bankruptcy.
To hear some tell it, file sharing gutted the music industry by encouraging people to gorge themselves on free, illegal content.
There's a simple idea about productivity and writing: almost anything you need to do, you can do in a plain text file.
The company could file for bankruptcy by the end of the month.
Contrary to messages from the music industry, not all file sharing rips off artists.
It no longer seems possible to blame the music industry's troubles on anything but file sharing.
For starters, latency depends on bandwidth: for a given bit rate a large file will have higher latency than a smaller file.
Investors will also have longer to file lawsuits against companies of which they suspect fraud.
These words are then stored along with the links to the corresponding pages in an index file.
The list may be given as a text file or it may be copy-pasted into the text window.
The patient will wait for their paper mag to land in the mailbox, the others will pay for the digital file.
The following video illustrates rather plainly the fact that file sharing is not stealing.
The problem here is going to be file size, file size, file size.
Find the desired image in the file list and double-click it.
One might object that these words do not belong in a sig file.
If you suspect a government agency has a file on you, demand to see it.
They will sit in a file folder somewhere, never to be looked at again.
In doing so, the vehicles may move side-by-side rather than in single file.
One of my students is asked to write a letter for my tenure promotion file.
Estonians track which bureaucrats have looked at their file.
The file box is about the size of those portable file boxes and fits neatly under my desk.
The questions can be exported as a text or rtf file.
Sometimes it is better to threaten a lawsuit rather than file one.
Textbooks do little for a tenure file in proportion to the vast amounts of time they take.
Search committee chair gets your new one, reads it, then pulls out the file to look at your old one more carefully.
It also provides information on how to file a complaint against a lender.
Meaning there was not a reasonable way to view an entire teams codes in one file.
To file an application, please visit the application link below.
The patrol of chimpanzees leaves early in the afternoon, silently moving through the forest in single file.
The approach relies on an invisible watermark that is embedded into a digital file.
The link split during the transfer from my file to the comment box.
If the opposing view is all doom and gloom apply it to the same circular file.
The rank and file will be allowed all their clothing, but no other property.
The form is separated into three easy steps and allows you to browse your computer for the specific image file you wish to upload.
Finalists will be asked to submit a high-resolution file.
In cold cases the key to solving the crime is often an overlooked clue in the original file.
We will keep resumes on file, and contact students in the event an appropriate internship develops.
Even when the kids did file complaints, they knew it wouldn't do them much good.
In one escapade they had broken into a psychiatrist's office searching for a patient's file.
Trails in the forest are typically narrow, so people must progress in single file.
And the rank and file of the movement are conscious of their debt to him.
And even when they did file grievances, the kids knew it was unlikely to do them much good.
The captain said he was sorry and told me to file a complaint.
Torrents of e-mail have turned us all into file clerks.
Some of them may never have used an actual tabbed file.
It's all too tempting to throw them into a file cabinet or photo box.
But it is encrypted and appended with a list that specifies which other users are allowed to see the file.
These strings are debug symbol file paths in source code that has apparently been custom-written for these attacks.
Casa will convert a file to whatever format is needed to play it on a given device.
Offices were being cleaned out, desks and file cabinets either missing or abandoned, boxes of equipment stacked in the halls.
So when creating your flash applications, be sure to be conscious of file size.
We maintained the mapping in a text file so that user can download the mapping file if any update happens.
Also, click the image for a larger file so you can read the small labels.
The fluorescent lighting flickers as he hunches over a desk to click on a computer file.
Not only a poor spraypainting job, but they also forgot to file the mold lines off.
Steel crampons are secured to the boots' soles, their points freshly sharpened with a hand file.
If you file bankruptcy to get a mortgage write-down, you're barred from filing again for years.
Online file-sharing allowed him to get almost any song for free.
These students have teamed up with unions and rank-and-file workers, lobbied administrators, and staged large demonstrations.
File this art project under things that are creepy but interesting.
Even if you file for bankruptcy, the payments continue.
Eliminating the need to file returns is an inspired touch.
But for millions of taxpayers, it shouldn't cost a dime to prepare and file a tax return this year.
All quarterly and monthly taxpayers are required to file and pay electronically.
Wrapper file format that can incorporate an audio bitstream with other data chunks.
Any unemployment insurance benefits you receive may be taxable if you are required to file a tax return.
When you file online you will receive a certified receipt for your report by email.
That's what the press embraced as well, how you got huge through file sharing and social networking.
We probably have a file of scripts and jokes that extends to about three thousand pages.
The prediction is still there somewhere in the general's file, buried under a mountain of accolade and promotion.
You'd never know anything out of the ordinary was about to happen, and when the tour bus rolls up, people file politely inside.
They were given a file containing nothing more than newspaper clippings.
Suddenly, something happened for which there is no explanation in the file.
Prosecutors were then given a date by which to file opposing arguments.

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