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They could refuse to light up for no apparent reason, because of some infinitesimal rupture in the filament.
Both halogen and incandescent bulbs produce light by heating a tungsten filament with an electrical current.
As long as this filament remains unbent, a special clutch keeps the rest of the needle from advancing.
The newfound gas clouds could occur in a filament around such a galaxy.
There the silkworms produce a protein filament tightly wound into cocoons.
In office lobbies, churches, hotels and performance halls he dangled shimmering metal rods from webs of filament.
The current powered the small bulb, increasing the filament temperature and producing a brighter, whiter light.
Salvaged wood and filament light bulbs sound about right.
It can't be too difficult to replace the netting with a weave made from heavy test fishing line type filament.
If you worked with typewriters, you're familiar with the flimsy, filthy filament.
From this centriole an axial filament, surrounded by a sheath, runs backward through the body and tail.
The filament doesn't have to cool appreciably for the flicker to be seen.
In contrast, incandescent bulbs generate light from the electrical resistance of a metal filament.
Capillary rise into inter-filament gaps must be overcome in addition to individual filament wetting.
Workers carefully spooled out the saffron-hued filament from each spider before releasing it.
Finally a wildly spinning filament of cloud snaked out and grabbed at the ground.
Those micro tears allow for more protein filament to fill the cell and make it bigger.
She straightens a kink in the filament and blows on the butterfly gently a few times to dry the cement.
Hers was the tedious task of peeling off their netlike coverings and groping, as it was phrased, for their filament ends.
He had shaved all the hair from his head, except for a topknot, a spray of gossamer filament that stood bolt upright.

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It launch'd forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself, Ever unreeling the... more
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