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The claim went unanswered, so he figured his rights were secured.
And the cross was a militarily useful symbol that had figured dramatically in actual battles.
Children, who had always figured largely in the felony of the age, made a profession of feigning the symptoms of the bewitched.
It is the figured language of thought, and is distinguished from nature by the unity of all the parts in one thought or idea.
Almost instantly, students figured out that they could record lectures on their iPods and listen at their leisure.
The sense that the future confronting art-school graduates is increasingly uncertain has figured in many curricular revisions.
Anyway, once you have that figured out, let students experience it.
They are all much smarter than people believe, especially the turtles, who figured it all out a long time ago.
We still have not figured out how kids learn to read.
Officials figured they'd get students who lived far away.
It's possible, of course, that airport security officials have figured out a way to patch these vulnerabilities.
When the online giant launched the service, programmers quickly figured out how to mix the maps with other sources of information.
They figured that the demons would not be able to subsist by themselves.
But governments had figured out long before how to get around the limits of the gold standard, and thus the imbalances happened.
No society has ever figured out out to motivate the entirety of its population to be productive.
Iowans have figured out how to bring money to the state in election years.
Marketeers have already figured out empirically how to make people do what they want them to do.
They figured they were better off taking their chances.
Then, after the researchers highlighted that section of the diagram, twice as many people figured out how to do it.
Bird hadn't figured they would come so close, but now he worried that one of them might bump into his rifle.
It was only days later, the officials said, that they finally figured out who they had.
So far, neither the government nor the insurance companies have figured out a solution.
Maybe the answers were buried in the caliche, along with some character who had figured in a story toward the end of the movie.
Here was somebody, with no reputation, saying that he might have figured out the key to the whole thing.
She also figured that she was inviting too many vegetarians to serve so much meat.
Apple figured out how to make them something you'd want to use daily.
She had figured out from watching me that touching the screen made things happen.
Scientists have figured out the genetic basis of seedless fruit.
From fungi to flies, some parasitic species have figured out how to control their host's behavior to get what they need.
So if a typo had been added, they figured they must have messed up.
But not enough to conclude that the pups had figured out that one of the guys was pulling their leg.
So everyone figured these new neurons must help make new memories, although no one knew how.
In other words, it figured out whether or not violating the social norm would get us in trouble.
They figured out how much we're eating today versus three decades ago by comparing agricultural data from then and now.
Science catches up to me it's about time they figured this out.
Or maybe somebody simply figured out that permanent settlements were best for making beer.
And cellulite doesn't only afflict the full-figured.
Workers figured out that they could vote and they out numbered management.
Nah, if it were that simple the expert particle physicists would have figured it out long ago.
Some people figured on a wealth transfer from rich to poor.
Politico has figured out that maximal efficiency for a political news operations doesn't include those stories.
They looked upon their game as a research project and figured that building it would take two years.
That's how we've figured out which plants are poisonous.
Companies have figured out how to harness exponential increases in computing power better and faster.
But these people have figured out something important: an easy way to keep files synchronized among a bunch of computers.
We would never, ever, have figured that out in the library.
Interviews with the crews' families figured prominently in the coverage.
They stuck stylized cube farms into faux warehouses and figured that would work.
Out-of-wedlock childbirth barely figured as a cause of family disruption.
He also figured that if tagging was helpful to him, it could make storing and finding bookmarks easier for everyone else.
Once it has figured this out, the robot uses another genetic algorithm to generate possible gaits, so it can move.
Once that's been figured out, then maybe they will want to turn their attention to the more esoteric aspects of life.
We will probably have figured out a way to make cheap flow batteries sooner than it makes sense to electrolyze water.
They figured they might have made a mistake as well, and couldn't figure out what had happened.
Now a team of neuroscientists and immunologists may have figured out why this works.
If they could decrease the pressure inside the pot, they figured they could make monster popcorn.
He figured that flukes sitting on the brain were in a good position to be doing something.
People figured out how to solve cubic and then quartic equations.
The first thing any scientist or engineer would do is find out if anyone else has already figured out how it might work.
In the final games, he had clearly figured out the computer's weakness.
It was twenty years before anyone even figured out the significance of his studies with peas.
Now researchers have figured out part of their secret.
The goal of the tasks is to give hunters who have figured out the location of runners a genuine chance to catch them.
They figured that as the babies grew up, they would be able to make longer treks and the pack's range would grow.
Though researchers have figured out the basics, it could still take up to three years to get a working prototype.
Then they figured out they needed money to pay for that.
Researchers figured this was related to the way the babies were conceived.
US networks haven't figured out viable revenue models for that.
Based on the amount of that pulling, other members of the team figured out it must be a second planet.
They figured blizzards across much of the nation early last month inflated job losses by tens of thousands of workers.
Even with an estimate, many people still wonder exactly how their benefit is figured.
Second, residual timber containing figured wood should be carefully protected to avoid loss of tree quality following logging.
When he was laid off two years later, he figured he would turn his magic hobby into a full-time endeavor.
The drab coach showed up this week smiling and laughing and once even wearing a purple shirt, so he's figured out something.
Nonetheless, the aluminum tubes figured prominently in the debate.

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