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Still he could not get her figure out of his mind and as he grew older it became more definite.
We're going to figure out the best method in the next few days and then proceed.
Now, all you need to do is figure out how to fill it.
When you understand these things, it's easy to figure out how to tune your irrigation system to your plants.
Three ornamental rocks will help you figure out how this works in your own garden.
People, more than any other primate, depend on their fellow humans to figure out where to direct their attention.
Printing distorted prices, so that the free market could not figure out the true state of supply and demand.
It only takes a glance through the rest of this newspaper to figure out why.
It could help, obviously, but in the end salvation was for the euro zone to figure out for itself.
Instead they must mangle text in new ways when attackers figure out how to cope with existing distortions.
Sociologists in particular are trying to figure out how mobile communications are changing interactions between people.
The next step is to figure out what is in the planet's atmosphere.
They are freer to pursue a career, stay home or figure out some combination of both.
Once you have a list of journals, you should figure out where you can get access to them.
One might have to enroll in law school to figure out what that means, but the rest of the decision is pretty clear.
Before aid offices can process applications, families must figure out how to prepare them.
Ask him to help you figure out a solution, maybe using one of the good suggestions made here on this thread.
He finds it frustrating and difficult to explain all the steps he used to figure out a simple math problem, and so resists.
It was my job to figure out how to actually get to college.
Take a look some time and use your reactions to what people do to help you figure out what you want to do.
Higher education, never a rapid adapter, struggled to figure out how best to make use of mobile devices and new capabilities.
Then she spent a year trying to figure out what she really wanted to do.
Instead of simply stetting the original, figure out what was wrong with it and offer an alternative fix.
He couldn't figure out how to photograph whatever might be hiding behind the walls and fences of industrial plants.
The challenge has been to figure out exactly how blue birds get their color.
When they get there, they go through tons of trials and tribulations trying to figure out how make their dreams come true.
So it keeps me outside the studio trying to figure out who my next participants and donors are.
Forty years ago social psychologists tried to figure out what made prejudiced people tick.
It takes a willingness to ride the waves with the guys to help figure out what's agitating them.
What scientists have been trying to figure out, however, is why mammals survived while the dinosaurs perished.
We had to figure out in one weekend how to transfer the site from that commercial hosting plan.
One has to figure out a clever way to do this without using a lot of energy.
Trying to figure out how new planets acquired their weird paths has been a daunting task.
Even if you get off track or are biking, you can subtract the kilometers listed below to figure out distances between points.
We've got to figure out ways to use these fuels as energy sources that don't damage the planet.
But first they have to figure out how the mechanism works-which they are now a step closer to doing.
Plastic identification codes, also known as resin codes, help you figure out which bottles to toss into recycling collection bins.
They're using the sun to figure out which direction to travel.
And it didn't take that long for me to figure out what they had to do and who they were.
The bats were able to figure out which individuals produced the new sounds.
The only way to discover the rhythm of life in a place, and so figure out what to shoot, is to experience it.
Ask students to compare their drawings and figure out which drawing has the tallest or shortest waves.
They need to figure out what will be put on display and where each item will go.
She hopes to figure out what they do all day and who their major predators are.
Odors may help them figure out what they're hearing.
Now they have to figure out what all this information means.
Inform students that for a long time scientists have been trying to figure out why hammerheads have hammer-shaped heads.
Fashionistas spend a lot of time trying to figure out what's behind a collection.
It's not quite as easy to figure out what's actually happening on the ice.
Her group members try to figure out how to restructure the arrangement as a trio.
Figure out how much time it will take to get to your destination.
See if you can figure out the theme that ties all these singers together.
You'll probably lose a few patients as you figure out how best to use the limited medical resources available to you.
And it isn't always easy to figure out in which the people actually live.
So are attempts to figure out exactly who is the target of each song.
Many observers posit that the military simply can't figure out what it wants and isn't competent enough to enforce minimal order.
Join together, figure out the ones you commonly use, and pool your money.
People experiment, and over time they figure out what keeps them healthy.
To go farther into space, humans will first have to figure out how to get there cheaply and more efficiently.
The biology underlying this self-image has proven difficult to figure out, but the results of a new study offer some insight.
For years geologists have been trying to figure out how to predict these often-catastrophic events.
Figure out the logic in the lines below and fill in the missing number.
In order to do so, they must figure out a way around these short telomeres.
Hood was able to figure out what was going on inside the anticline by studying and measuring what was on the outside.
Eventually you must always figure out which of your possible solutions are workable and which are not.
They then observed if, in response to the calls, the elephants huddled together and smelled the air to figure out who was coming.
In other words, they wanted to figure out how dire the situation would be today.
Members of the third group, lacking an expert to guide them, failed to figure out the contraption on their own.
But no one could figure out how to isolate the genes involved.
Spent fuel now sits in cooling pools and temporary storage areas waiting for somebody to figure out what to do with it.
In subsequent years, attempts to figure out how this conversion took place captivated the scientific world.
We wondered whether children could use their memory of the small room to figure out where to find the toy in the large one.
They needed to figure out another way for the astronauts to write things down.
We wondered whether children could use their memory to figure out where to find the toy in the large room.
But researchers still have to figure out how to prevent those cells from causing cancer.
In some cases, knowing the hydration of different compounds can help you figure out chemical properties and reactions.
Policymakers need to figure out how to supply water without degrading the natural ecosystems that provide it.
He needed things to be perfect, and it took time to figure out what perfect was.
She would stand in doorways trying to figure out where she was going.
We have to figure out a way to get people to buy books.
It's when things get serious that he can't figure out what to do.
So we've got to sit down with farmers who are growing the crops and figure out what would make sense.
When the kids figure out what's up, they escape to the river.
He was here to help workers figure out what happens next.
It doesn't take a great grasp of economics to figure out that when firms cut down on hiring the unemployment rate should increase.
We have to figure out how to do it-without any question.
But it did figure out how to make billions of dollars selling them.
In the end, perhaps, other humans will figure out how to reduce the center's power.
Researchers are using activity-monitoring technology to figure out how to keep employees healthier.
Before people began making their lives public on social networks, retailers had to figure out their likes more indirectly.
Researchers figure out how to hijack sensor communications.
Software is constantly trying to figure out what you mean, and often it guesses wrong.
When early on the research phase, they'd have to figure out what it is that would likely be commercialized.
No, because only electronics have major price drops as new designs figure out how to get the same job done with less.
The user then has to sort through that information and figure out which camera is right for her.
And scientists must figure out which mutations are actually driving the growth of the tumors and which are harmless.
Using this information, they were able to figure out a list of potential keystroke pairs.
Lo agrees that the results will help scientists figure out more effective drug combinations.
These patterns can tell you what roles people play in groups: you can figure out who the leader is and who the followers are.
And researchers need to figure out how to get large volumes of cells to integrate effectively into the retina.
If the software can figure out that a duct connects one organ it can then follow it along in software.
But he still believes some game dynamics will remain effective in the long term, and he's working to figure out what those are.
Nobody since then has been able to figure out where the difference arises.
We plan to use that system to figure out which factors in the extract are crucial for turning on gene expression.
When the systems go offline it's difficult to figure out why.
The alternative is artificial production--if researchers could figure out how spiders produce silk.
Trying to figure out the healthiest way to eat keeps getting more baffling.
Parents often try to figure out whether toddlers will be left- or right-handed.
There are several candidates in the pipeline, and it will take ten years or more to figure out whether they are useful or not.
Each writer has to figure out how best to use the twenty-four hours in a day.
Now he's hoping to figure out exactly how and why they do it.
Try to figure out how to distinguish between the small stuff and the big stuff.
But try getting a computer to figure out whether a particular photograph is of a barbershop or an ice cream parlor.
Once researchers learn to isolate genes, though, they still have to figure out how to introduce them into viruses.
They attempt to figure out where the storms are going to be from day to day and if they're going to intensify or fade.
If you turn the skeleton over and look at the inside, you can even figure out how the shell evolved.
Last year, researchers tried to figure out how they got off the ground by looking at the largest bird now flying, the albatross.
The university blocked further access to the private data and hired a consultant to help figure out how it happened.
Going there is the only way to figure out where the moon came from, for example.
It doesn't take much research to figure out that driving and text-messaging is not a wise combination.
When you've found fame and fortune for having a blue head, it can be tricky to figure out your next career move.
They prepare surveys to collect data and figure out what the data mean.
See how many words you can figure out in this sewage crossword puzzle.
Helps you figure out which court will handle your case.
The link below will also help you figure out if you need to register.
The engineers have to figure out why and then fix them.
Try to figure out the code without using the decryption tool for every letter.
City planners figure out the best way to use the land in cities and neighborhoods.
Nobody could quite figure out what he was doing, but everybody thought he was kind of interesting.
We'll run into them again, but never quite figure out why they're here.
You're gonna have to use your imagination to figure out what happens to him next.
We weren't trying to figure out how to have a mixed career.
He'd look at the people going in and figure out the dress code.
They'd never experienced anything of this magnitude, and they were trying to figure out where to start.
Now they needed to figure out if it was possible to continue the shoot.

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