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Example sentences for figuratively

It can throw one's whole life out of kilter, literally and figuratively.
On closer inspection it wasn't in the literal sense, figuratively though.
Oh and let's not get into the rear seats, physically or figuratively.
They will figuratively clash in a dust cloud at second base.
Check out a video of it figuratively smoking a four-stroke below.
And the film, which bites its lip until the final scenes, figuratively bursts into tears.
Figuratively, one who follows up an enemy with pertinacity.
And chiefly for this reason: it is an attempt to use a boat on land, or a wagon on water, to speak figuratively.
He had now figuratively as well as literally taken home his bride.
It's a mouthful, figuratively, and yet still that is remarkably simplified from the actual processes that take place.
When they are being used figuratively, as they were in the piece you quoted, they could be used in any way at all.
The semester is starting and you need to get back to your regularly scheduled programming, literally and figuratively.
The end result is that people feel included and that their voice matters, both literally and figuratively.
If not, then the transplant will figuratively wither and die.
What goes around may, both literally and figuratively, come around.
In this respect, fishermen's work is that much richer, both literally and figuratively.
Literally and figuratively: as well as being a powerful and charismatic figure, he was also enormously obese.
The past is somewhere you get lost in, literally and figuratively: your memory is partial, and the place itself has changed.
Think of the effect upon screwing around, literally and figuratively.
The result, both literally and figuratively, was lightning in a bottle.
Other bugs take matters into their own hands, figuratively speaking.
Both literally and figuratively, they eat up a disproportionate amount of the budget.
It could, figuratively speaking, drop money out of helicopters.
Especially as the youngest of three children whose two older brothers pushed her figuratively and literally.
Today's column deals with eating crow, both literally and figuratively.
Figuratively speaking, the superstar came from nowhere.
Both were convicted on evidence that was shaky both figuratively and literally--the two main witnesses were severe alcoholics.
He obviously wants to control what other people do in their own bedrooms--literally, not figuratively.
Facilities safety inspections can cover a lot of territory, both literally and figuratively.
Transportation is always moving, both literally and figuratively.
His stamp is on countless projects that literally and figuratively transformed the landscape of his hometown.
The church is literally and figuratively the focal point of the village.
The strong winds also sparked another problem, both figuratively and literally.
Volunteers are more valuable to your nonprofit than ever before-literally and figuratively.
All are riding on, literally and figuratively, the decisions you make.
Cleaning pit toilets stinks, literally and figuratively.

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