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Example sentences for figment

She tells her father, but he thinks it a figment of her imagination and that she is spending too much time with the strange loner.
Those ubiquitous smartphones are not a figment of your imagination.
According to their view, free will is a figment of our imagination.
It could be a figment of the collective imagination of the world's amateur satellite trackers.
Thus, the dreaded phantom of swamping by large retailers, is a figment of political imagination.
Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, time is not a figment of human imagination.
The country is ruined and divided, its state a figment.
As it turns out, the role is but a figment within a moody and hackneyed yarn.
But from a balloon all that seems insignificant, even a figment of the imagination.
The investment that sounds so good may be a figment of their imagination, or they may be paid to promote it.
In the beginning the neutrino was a figment of the imagination, a wild guess at explaining a baffling phenomenon: radioactivity.
Programs can highlight a theme chosen by the local librarian or any figment of the audience's imagination.
It is all illusory, all a figment of the imagination of bankers and writers.
To my knowledge, this so- called consortium is greatly a figment of the imagination.

Famous quotes containing the word figment

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Now, we deny not, but that politicians may sometimes abuse religion, and make it serve for the promoting of their own pr... more
A figment is a product of somebody's imagination; it has such characters as his thought impresses upon it. ... more
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