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Time is not free-that's why it's so precious and worth fighting for.
To call a mourner by his own name was considered an insult to the departed, and often led to fighting and bloodshed.
In any case these two terms, at present, keep on fighting for space.
The diamond-mining companies have been fighting back, arguing that all that glitters is not diamond.
Jack cracked his whip at the fox, which plunged into the water with a terrified yelp and was immediately fighting for its life.
He was up ahead, at the edge of a field, where the rest of his patrol was fighting.
He talks about fighting back the anxiety and abdominal pains, about his jangled nerves and wobbly legs.
In fact, some people are spreading rumors about their colleagues and others are fighting right in the departmental office.
She is responsible to her students whilst staying responsible to her fighting unit.
Even as the street fighting raged, some protesters rescued books, carrying them out of the building by the armful.
Publishers are fighting e-books because it disrupts traditional business models.
Researchers have developed a new strategy for fighting the degradations of aging in the liver.
Undercover officers pose as construction workers to gather evidence of rooster fighting.
Ask students to brainstorm alternatives to fighting when countries are in disagreement over who should control which territories.
Early last year, however, there appeared to be a lull in the fighting.
He is asked only to stay in fighting form and to defend the regime in times of trouble.
But researchers haven't figured out an effective way to spread malaria-fighting genes through an entire mosquito population.
Minimalist backpacking tents work fine during slumber but can leave you fighting claustrophobia during waking hours.
Some hospitals have turned a corner in fighting deadly infections.
The antiviral era is upon us, with an array of virus-fighting drugs on the market and in development.
New research indicates that a cavity-fighting treatment could be risky if overused.
Fighting malaria will require more innovative defenses.
These are the weapons with which researchers are fighting it out to find the world's smallest frog.
Fighting is totally different, and takes skills that are difficult to practice in stylized martial arts.
The results of the experiments could help improve fire-fighting technology in space.
So if the research reveals that such hybrids help cancer spread, it could open up new avenues to fighting cancer.
At first, there was fighting and killing amongst the rats with only the youngest and strongest rats surviving.
Sadly, some dogs were indeed used as weapons, for fighting other dogs or were simply neglected.
There is a clarity that makes me want to live and keep fighting the diseases.
People were fighting the police to get to their cabins, days before it went off.
Governments will have a tax source creating billions of dollars revenue, instead of wasting it fighting the illegal drug market.
They are fighting tooth and nail to delay that day often with the silliest of arguments.
So the future of farming is, in large part, a future of fighting climate change-and battling to preserve soils.
Why not get all there fire fighting boats and spray it down that way.
He had the fighting instincts of a badger trapped by hounds.
As she walked, she began to realize that her body was still fighting itself.
The moment this was brought to bear on the rebel lines by land and water, the fighting was at an end.
Those antibodies can be helpful in fighting off future bouts of that year's flu.
But when you are already fighting one, it has drawbacks.
That's an important proof of principle for any future application of the technology in fighting serious infections.
All these companies seem to be fighting each other to control the space between broadcasters and viewers.
The combatants are then given until the fuel runs out to stop fighting and settle.
She's an advanced fighting machine, an attempt at instant myth.
We've been fighting for three years now, and-get this-we've racked up so many points that we've got tons of bonus lives.
Untold thousands have been wounded by rocket attacks, car bombs, and street fighting.
One of the simplest keys to fighting global warming may be right under our feet.
One of the challenges in fighting infectious disease is that researchers cannot watch individual pathogens inside living animals.
From there the germs are sent on to another receptor and into the brain, where infection-fighting immune cells cannot reach them.
And a number of researchers are taking a fundamentally different, technology-driven approach to fighting blindness.
But maggots are also good at fighting bone infections, which can occur when a fractured bone breaks the skin.
The only way things seem to change here is through fighting.
Dave, you cannot win a drug war, but that does not stop the government from fighting one with great vigor.
Let's not forget the real heroes out there burrowing in the hay, ruining their eyes, and fighting the mice.
The eye is delicate and has difficulty fighting infection.
What amazes me is that people see no contradiction between fighting wars for freedom, and censoring out or sneering at negativity.
That's why testing this, publicizing it, and fighting the misinformation is so important.
He soon came to believe that he was fighting an all-out war for the soul of the bureau.
Joe knew that this time he was fighting way above his weight division.
They have been traumatized by the fighting and the denial of basic rights and opportunities.
The industry is fighting these efforts-mainly with its legions of lobbyists and lawyers.
As they see it, they are engaged in fighting an occupation, not in a feud.
At the same time, he is fighting for control over his own life.
Private insurers spend large sums fighting adverse selection, trying to identify and screen out high-cost customers.
In the animal entertainment sector, lion fighting is the hot new commodity.
It's not about which is stronger in fighting, it's about what they are fighting for.

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