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To fishermen, the chinook is known as a fighter, and likewise its advocates won't let the fish die out without a struggle.
Over the decades, the video displays that everyone from fighter pilots to the general public use have grown increasingly complex.
And honey's been mixed into contemporary medicine as well, as a bacteria fighter.
Undercover agents arrest a suspected rooster fighter while in possession of contraband birds.
While fighter aircraft patrolled the area, troop-carrying aircraft followed, escorted by bombers.
They wanted to be seen as ordinary fighter pilots, no different from anyone else.
Its crew has what the crews of fighter jets lack: situational, smell-of-the-battlefield awareness.
For example, fighter jets could be designed to be more acrobatic without risk of stall-induced crashes.
Previous parades have involved everything from intercontinental missiles and tanks to fighter jets flown overhead.
Over military aid, they grumble that needed helicopters and fighter jets are held back.
The idea was to pinpoint how the milk, a terrific germ-fighter, blocks bacteria from infecting other cells.
Double down on conciliator mode or become a fighter.
The company makes everything from fighter jets to small turbine-powered propeller airliners.

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