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All the action sequences, especially the fight scene.
He had the talent to be a stage director, but neither the health nor the courage to fight.
Nelson replied that his group would be willing to work with hers to fight speech codes, which it has long opposed.
The first rule of fish fight club is, remember who your rivals beat.
Or, if the other queen has emerged by the time they find each other, they will often fight until one is dead.
Bighorn rams use their impressive horns to fight over mating rights.
Firefighters also fight wildfires by deliberately starting fires in a process called controlled burning.
But the birds' adult caretaker is ready for a fight.
Vaccines have accomplished near miracles in the fight against infectious disease.
Many big companies say that they are keen to do their bit to fight global warming.
Pigments that turn caustic on exposure to light can fight cancer, blindness and heart disease.
Private security firms are increasingly involved in the fight against pirates.
Cook returns the next winter but is killed by islanders in a fight.
It was said of him that the only fight he lost was against a receding hairline.
But that doesn't mean the rest of us have to sit idly by and watch it go without a fight.
It poses a growing threat to these countries, which lack the resources to fight the invasive plant.
Studying these synapses is providing new insights into how the cells form an information-sharing network to fight disease.
After a fight and before forgiveness often comes an apology.
Here are ten trips in the boot prints of the first people to explore-and fight for-the great state.
Almost routine for scientists to have to fight for resources.
As the planes struggle toward the eye, the pilots fight intense updrafts and downdrafts.
Addicted zebrafish recruited in fight against smoking.
We must salute all who fight for freedom everywhere.
But every so often, our mitochondria and their surrounding cells fight.
Fight the tendency to think that exercise is an all or nothing proposition.
But if you find yourself being dragged out to sea, don't panic and don't try to fight the current and swim back to shore.
They team up to form coalitions to overthrow their foes, but they also reconcile after a fight.
My dad was drafted in this war but thankfully never had to fight.
As new digital-distribution plans gain traction, an inevitable fight over publishing royalties breaks out.
She had absolute power and no real way to understand how to use it to fight for her rule or country.
We chased down prey until it was exhausted, then killed it when it could no longer muster the strength to fight back.
They fight to win because they believe in the people.
All are stirred, all are excited, all burn to fight.
They will fight it over again, and the same party will win.
The fight for control of the country is no longer taking place far from the centre of power.
There is no need to claim the moral high ground to justify a fight against bribery.
The emotions roused by the fight for the chocolate-maker go far beyond the business specifics, however.
In particular, researchers have long debated whether the apes fight for land, or for females.
The government is relying increasingly on such measures rather than on criminal trials in its fight against terrorism.
The virus causes an immune deficiency by attacking a type of white blood cell that helps to fight infections.
Hundreds of bullet scars on the church's walls still testify to the fury of the ensuing fight.
The panda appears to have died from injuries it sustained in a fall after getting into a fight with wild-born males.
The only way to fight acid rain is by curbing the release of the pollutants that cause it.
He has to fight a lot of pirates and he eventually saves the pirates from getting attacked by this other ship.
If both claim the resource and fight over it, the stronger individual wins and gains the resource.
Such survival strategies coincidentally fight diseases in people as well.
The conductor's fight centers on the concept of the public domain, which scholars depend on for teaching and research.
Fight and lose, then you really are in worse shape than you are now.
It's been a long fight, but it's wonderful to feel happy again.
Even before restructuring, the campus had to fight for authority to write its own paychecks.
Novel way to fight the decades-long decline of fish populations.
Pharmaceutical companies will fight this tooth and nail.
Now research suggests that it could also help fight serious skin infections.
Before a fight, many animals size up their opponents-however briefly.
The same is true for other low-cost interventions to fight diseases, provide schooling for children and ensure basic nutrition.
Fever can help fight infection, but sometimes it can climb too high for the body's own good.
Many relationship experts say it's not the fights that matter so much as the making up post-fight.
One is vertical and requires a hierarchy, a fight for the top, but weak in its resistance and climb.
The amygdala plays a role in responding to threats, and it can kick off a fight-or-flight reaction when it senses danger.
And experts say that reining in pollution from them will be key in the fight to contain climate change.
C-reactive protein is a marker of inflammation, an immune response that normally helps your body fight off infection.
It's what makes the fight scenes somewhat suspenseful.
But presidents don't ever give up their power without a fight.
Synthetic biology could yield microbes that fight cavities and produce vitamins.
US stem cell researchers fight with uncertain financing and esoteric restrictions.
With a better picture of how the disease spreads, governments can improve the policies designed to fight it.
He notes that this could one day be used to find new drugs to fight the disease.
The sole purpose of the fight over this organism appears to be motivated by greed.
It's not science, it's putting bugs in a jar and watching them fight-- then presenting the results as entomology.
For once, he seemed eager to join a fight and draw clear lines.
Most dogs fight as a last resort, when staring and growling fail.
The fight was probably about a lot of different things at once.
Fight it and you will only suffer: resistance is futile.
Even if people are dissatisfied with their bank, it's usually cheaper not to fight than to switch.
She was admitted to hospital after a knife fight involving her, a former lover and a new boyfriend.
The lure of renewable energy sources is that they help fight climate change.
The lively debate over whether cap-and-trade really does much to fight global warming.
The scientists say this is the first example of a transgenic plant making an antibody that can fight an environmental toxin.
They will try to mate with either one and won't fight other males.
These units are designed to fight both offensively and defensively in cyberspace.
The result was that resistance to the drug emerged even before it could be used to fight infectious disease in human beings.
Yes, if there's no one to fight with, there's also no one to mate with.
They will fight bitterly with colleagues of their own rank about who should be first author on jointly authored publications.
Hence the managers were equipping the state to fight either kind of war.
And yes, this was right at the time the health care fight was heading to its conclusion.
And after a fight, we'd always show the villains rolling over or getting up.
Yet it was merely a point of contention, not a big fight.
Along those same lines, there has been some criticism of the fight scenes seen in the trailer.
So there's an uncomfortable element here for me of watching a family fight.
And the conference also wants to hear about what's working in your community to fight fraud against the elderly.
If you want to make a difference in the fight against climate change, your home is a great place to start.
Request a hearing to fight a parking ticket, or appeal a hearing if you were found guilty.

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