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Add a fifth screw as shown above, securing the leg to the end of the crosspiece.
The fifth and sixth cervical unite soon after their exit from the intervertebral foramina to form a trunk.
The fifth runs between the adjacent margins of the triangular and pisiform bones.
These processes overlap from the fifth to the eighth, but are less oblique in direction above and below.
It will probably be best in all cases to follow the order of the first four lessons, and perhaps the fifth also.
Ossification begins in the medial epicondyle about the fifth year, and in the lateral about the thirteenth or fourteenth year.
The number of credit cards in circulation has declined by almost a fifth.
Groundwater provides about a fifth of the planet's water needs and half its drinking water.
Kodak's shares jumped this week on some sobering news: the photographic company is cutting its workforce by a fifth.
Even more alarmingly, about a fifth said they were paid by their sources-in effect, took bribes.
Cigar sales have declined by a fifth in the past five years-part of a general decline in smoking.
The purchases have propped up a market that had plummeted by a fifth immediately after the disaster.
In the past, many students eventually dropped their fifth course anyway.
One fifth of the world's vertebrates are threatened with extinction.
About one fifth of them turned out to be sensitive to mice.
Turns out only a fifth of the chili plants in dry regions packed heat.
Fifty students, or about a fifth of those surveyed, met the authors' criteria for addiction to indoor tanning.
It ranks fifth on the list of biggest quakes this past century.
Today, she is among the fifth generation in her family to work in construction and architecture.
One-fifth of all public school students-ten million children-live in rural areas.
But about a fifth of the swamp is considered prairie, flooded on average by about a foot of water.
Somewhere beyond the curtain of the fifth act lies a world more stable and sane, less petty and less murderous and less ignoble.
For years, he plied them with food and drinks in return for lessons, sometimes spending a fifth of his meager pay.
Small business sentiment is down for the fifth month straight.
Hydroelectric power provides almost one-fifth of the world's electricity.
Although the boat has evolved--it's now in its fifth generation--its great balance remains its defining feature.
The technique was not successful for the fifth patient, however: his body rejected the donor kidney.
Rocket bodies represent about a fifth of cataloged space junk, abandoned satellites another fifth.
The survey that found the satellite galaxies scanned only a fifth of the sky, so there could be dozens more waiting to be found.
As kangaroos mosey along at low speeds, they walk, using their tail as a fifth limb.
Any telescope will show you a conspicuously flat fifth planet.
Obviously, there's no way that this fifth face could have arisen naturally.
The fifth is by an academic and freelance journalist, whose specialty is scrutinizing and trying to make sense of what he sees.
Moreover, payments to physicians account for only about a fifth of total health expenditures.
To journalists, fifth anniversaries are irresistible.
Fifth: create new local councils, each with an accountable mayor.
She didn't much care for sixth, seventh or eighth either, but fifth grade was when the trouble really started.

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