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Fifteen miners were trapped in a coal mine today after an underground explosion, the authorities said.
Fifteen years on, the country is praised for salving the wounds of genocide.
Over the past fifteen years, paleontologists have described more than twenty species of feathered dinosaurs.
The jury fixed the penalty at fifteen years in the penitentiary.
Fifteen protesters were arrested after forcing their way into the building and refusing orders to exit the lobby.
It is one example of how much, and how little, the world of electronic bulletin boards has progressed in the past fifteen years.
Fifteen of the seventeen members of the crew perished.
Fifteen bidders sprang into action, quickly whittled down to four.
Fifteen percent of all households include someone with an advanced degree.
Fifteen years ago even the idea of looking at huge amounts of data did not exist.
Using that money, the small team designed and built a working prototype in fifteen months.
Fifteen months after the election, the government has still to announce a major welfare reform.
Three sites, hundreds of tons of dangerous rock, fifteen days.
Fifteen technicians supervise the running of the cars and worked with the drivers to hone their performance.
Fifteen years before the work began, her father-in-law tried to steal her inheritance.
Within fifteen days, the beverage manufacturers had removed all the caffeine from their alcoholic products.
Fifteen subjects underwent brain scans as they gambled.
Provide opportunities for students to gather data fifteen times.
There are several more examples of how science has changed in the past fifteen years.
In a living shark, every tooth has ten to fifteen degrees of flex.
Three and a half years ago, he thought key genes for human intelligence might be found in ten to fifteen years.
Again and again the fish repeated this act, spiraling toward the surface every ten to fifteen seconds.
Fifteen years later, this idea still raises as many questions as it answers.
The fifteen ships, he said, had already sailed or were preparing to sail.
Fifteen hundred people perished with her, a loss that stunned the world.
Fifteen years ago a leading graduate would have worked in factories before moving to headquarters.
Fifteen years of failure had humbled and humanized him.
Fifteen years ago, he says, political conversation was about economic failure and poverty.
The only way for her to understand that her fifteen minutes are over is for the press to ignore her.
The backlog, however, will take another fifteen thousand years to clean out.
My home is completely unrecognizable compared to what it was fifteen years ago.
The only difference between now and fifteen years ago is that pop-culture is more easily accessed.
He had been fishing since he was five and learned how to make his own nets at fifteen.
My view of the world economy is that it will probably double over the next fifteen or twenty years.
If they do exceed fifteen thousand, it would cost a lot of resources to integrate these people back into society.
The music from the coast really didn't start coming out until fifteen or twenty years ago.
Bring to a boil, cover, then simmer for fifteen minutes.
Of those twenty years, fifteen have been in the area of hardscapes, segmental retaining walls and interlocking pavers.
Fifteen years later, scientists are declaring the program a success.
The initial set-up was quick and easy, taking a maximum of fifteen minutes to set up approximately twenty student accounts.
Fifteen percent of counselors reported an increase in students planning to delay enrolling in college for financial reasons.
Ten or fifteen years ago, he realized that he does not even remember how to read sheet music.
They have been happily married for over fifteen years and have three children.
The guess is then that fraction multiplied by the number of airplanes in, say, the current ten- or fifteen-minute window.
Apparently, it has been fifteen times in the last year.
Lobsters taste nearly the same when placed in dripping-pan and baked fifteen minutes in hot oven, and are much easier cooked.
Set moulds in pan of hot water, cover with buttered paper, and bake in a moderate oven fifteen minutes.
Bake fifteen to twenty minutes in round layer cake pans.
Cook eggplant fifteen minutes in boiling salted water to cover.
Bake in a moderate oven three or four hours, basting every fifteen minutes with fat in pan.
Spread over lobster, and bake in a hot oven fifteen minutes.
Bake in hot oven one and one-fourth hours, basting every fifteen minutes.
Parboil potatoes five minutes, and add to stew fifteen minutes before taking from fire.
Cover with buttered paper, and bake from fifteen to twenty minutes.
Pick over, remove wilted leaves, and soak in cold water fifteen minutes.
Boil one quart vinegar and two cups sugar fifteen minutes.
Place on buttered pan, and bake in hot oven twelve to fifteen minutes.
In process of roasting the seeds increase in size, but lose fifteen per cent in weight.
Place a whole baked ham in the oven fifteen minutes before serving time, that outside fat may be heated.
Ten to fifteen years ago the the prevailing feeling was that the traditional methods were doomed.
Fifteen months later, another outburst produced more menacing lava flows.
Second of all, fifteen years from the time she discovered a hole disappears.
As a result the nation's electricity rates should drop within ten to fifteen years and then remain low.
Pregnancy performance of patients under fifteen years of age.
At fifteen, he nursed a pigeon back to health after setting its broken wing.
All fifteen elements in the series are radioactive and have half-lives ranging from fractions of seconds to billions of years.
They successfully delayed gratification until the researcher returned, some fifteen minutes later.
Kat had worked in the financial markets for almost fifteen years, but what he learned about hedge-fund fees shocked him.
Those first jackets were heavy-fifteen or sixteen pounds.
He has been a full-time chess player since he was fifteen, and spends more than a hundred and sixty days a year on the road.
The national average currently stands at fifteen percent.
He quit school at fifteen, and went to work writing for a local newspaper.
More than fifteen per cent of lung cancers-more than people realize-occur in non-smokers.
Fifteen years ago his heart infarcted and he stopped smoking.
The store's been closed for fifteen minutes, though a doorman and a clerk remain outside.
After fifteen minutes, release any additional pressure.
Peacekeepers are currently active in fifteen missions around the globe.
Violent crimes are delayed up to fifteen minutes so police can secure the scene.
Two of the four positions are full-time, and two require a minimum commitment of fifteen hours a week.
Twelve to fifteen books over a fifteen-week semester used to be the rule of thumb at selective colleges.
He asked a few questions, went over the process for fifteen minutes, and then quickly grasped the implications.
Fifteen hundred people braved the steamy spring weather, and the store broke sales records.
We have come from nowhere to a near-majority in less than fifteen years since the first marriage case.
He demonstrated shooting and changing magazines while closing the distance from twenty-five to fifteen yards.
To break an early habit of blinking when under pressure, he'd been chewing his cheeks in moments of tension for fifteen years.
When demonstrating the test unit it for friends, a ten or fifteen-second orientation was all that was required.
Fifteen years later, computer forensics is a growing commercial and legal activity.
Ten or fifteen years from now, virtual worlds will be as prevalent as web pages are today.
We are fifteen writers and scientists who want to explore this new form.
They tried it with fifteen different strains, and it worked for all of them, an unusual-and exciting-success.
Every hour of difference represented fifteen degrees of longitude.
Fifteen of them married, and a few acquired stepchildren through their wives' former marriages.
We've probably got fifteen hundred pulsar years of data--several times more than any other observatory has.
It covered a good fifteen degrees of arc on the horizon.
Fifteen years ago there was some general agreement about how this change took place.
Your movement's fifteen minutes of fame is over and you're doomed.
Fifteen percent is conducted across the abdominal wall into the environment.
For fifteen minutes it showered down beams of light, giving the effect of a downpour of rain.
In fact, they had the corner on authoritarian regimes for over fifteen hundred years.
Fifteen consecutive courses of breaded, deep-fried nibbles on skewers might scare off some eaters.
If you plant more than one row, leave a space of fifteen inches between the rows.
Today their descendants are two of the fifteen or so major tribes in the region, each of which has special costumes.
Fifteen minutes later, a doctor announced that he was dead.
And it's not a million years ago, it's maybe fifteen or so.
Fifteen people were killed in the violence and almost two hundred injured.
It kept repeating about every fifteen minutes twenty-four hours a day.
He had been out of office some fifteen years when they first met.
In principle the stored fuel rises to no more that fifteen feet above the bottom.
It is fifteen years after his early success and his career has stalled.
The first human genome took fifteen years to decode and cost about a billion dollars.
Most containers were roughly eight feet square in cross-section, but lengths varied from fifteen feet to forty feet.
The last fifteen years or so were not the new reality, but simply an aberration that would be rectified.
Over the past fifteen years he has been able to switch to whatever rhetoric he feels will best suit the moment.
Fifteen years from now, however, you might not even bat an eye at the news.

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