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But others were wary of the steam engine, which was frequently caricatured as a fiery dragon.
After flowering, they display fiery winter foliage.
The planting plan sticks to fiery colors but adds splashes of lime and chocolate to temper the heat.
She had fiery red hair and had waitressed for many years at another restaurant down the street.
Fiery and fruity, it's notable for the subtle balance of spice and citrus, and the impeccable quality of the fish.
One couple ended up downwind from the fiery maw of the pizza oven and voiced a desire to move.
There the noodles are served hot in soups or cold with a fiery horseradish dressing.
It's telling that affirmative action isn't the stuff of campaign ads and fiery political speeches.
He had an idea that he was one of those fiery, untamed steeds, but he is not of that character.
Day contracted itself into a fiery ball and vanished.
We pounded grilled tomatoes with garlic and green chiles into fiery salsas, elbowing for space in the cramped quarters.
With relentless determination, the cloud draws ever closer, and in its fiery embrace an enormous city appears.
Their fiery halos relieved the green monotone that by late summer ruled the garden.
Fast food's fiery new battleground is the breakfast table.
He must be the wielder of axe and of paddle, the rider of fiery horses, the master of the craft that leaps through white water.
Fiery explosions, beautiful reactions, and hilarious music videos are great reasons to be excited about chemistry.
In the ruthless world of auto racing, aerodynamics can make the difference between stunning victory and fiery oblivion.
Farmers' fiery protests last year won wide public backing.
In other words, his fiery stump speeches look designed to get him elected safely enough to give him a free hand for peace talks.
Flaming liquid drips onto the floor, forming fiery puddles, some of which burn through the carpet.
Birds, which pollinate chillies, don't have these proteins and are immune to the fiery tastes.
There are many ways of doing that, from open revolution to open derision, from flaming pitchforks to fiery satire.
To the right center is the heat shield, blackened by its fiery descent.
When an iron-rich meteorite vaporizes on impact, the gases condense into a fiery rain of tiny iron droplets called spherules.
Throughout the world, fiery volcanoes thundered, lofting immense plumes of ash and gas into the air.
There were deafening blasts and fiery explosions on all sides.
The flip side was a fiery temper, and a tendency to perceive slights around every corner.
The long stretch of cloudy weather ended in fiery splendor last night.
If the morning sky is a deep fiery red, it means a high water content in the atmosphere.
These fiery clouds race down mountainsides destroying almost everything in their path.
Sugar maples, for instance, produce bright oranges and fiery reds.
Fiery lava spewed up from a central vent, drawing molten rock from ten kilometers beneath the surface.
The eruptions that created these fiery edifices have taken place throughout the past six million years.

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